Monday, November 30, 2009

Lip Nose

Well, here we are on the 30th of November. I want to personally apologize to everyone who read any part of my blog over the last month for the true lack of sordid occurrences and the overabundance of the mundane details of our lives. :) It was much easier this year since I didn't have to travel out of state during the month.

On that note, you may be wondering about the title of this post. Me too. I had a student asking me questions about what kind of illness you have when you have swollen lip nose, and my thought was cleft lip? Elephantism? Oh. I see from the way you are gesturing in the general vicinity of your neck and armpits that you mean lymph nodes. No, he assured me, he was talking about lip nose.


On another random note, I didn't mention that when we were at the game on Friday, which you will remember we went sans-baby because Auburn does not admit infants without tickets even if they are going to sit in your lap or stay in a Baby Bjorn-type carrier, that a couple walked by us with their infant strapped to them in one of the aforementioned carriers. I told Eli, I know they didn't pay $400 for a ticket for that baby. We sat in a row that had walking space in front of us, and they passed by a handful of times to and from their seats and the concessions stand. Each time they did, I pouted to Eli. I just wanted to run and go get Elsie and bring her. Anyway, after the sun went down, it got cold and I was once again glad that Elsie was elsewhere, but pounted just one more time as they filed down the stairs and out of the stadium ahead of us.

Randomly, the center director at Sylvan is moving because her husband got relocated when the BF Goodrich plant closed, so tonight we had a staff meeting followed by a surprise birthday/going away party for her at a Mexican restaurant in town. I took Elsie with me since Eli is out of pocket (more on that later) so there was a lot of talk about babies. There was a girl there who taught at Sylan before me, but had a baby in February (I was hired to replace her, coincidentally). Somehow the talk of these 9 women, plus the one nerd-guy, turned to Friday's game, and the girl was talking about how they took the baby to the game and how they tried every gate until someone let them in, though they really partially snuck her in. I perked up. Was your baby wearing and orange and white striped hat? Yes... I knew she looked familiar. They were the offending parents at the game. And this has been another episode of it's a small, small world, courtesy of Auburn football and Sylvan Learning Center. Weird.

So, I'm about to roll into bed. Eli had Coast Guard Auxiliary tonight--he was teaching the boating basics lesson--and then hopped in the car to head to B'ham, where he'll stay with his brother tonight, drive to Nashville bright and early to go to MEPS for the National Guard (Medical Entrance Processing S-something), after which he will turn around and head back to Auburn, possibly in time to pick up Elsie from J's. Long day of driving for him.

I, on the other hand, will have to get up early to wash Elsie's dishes for tomorrow because I'm too tired/cold to do it right now.

Again, thanks for hanging in with the mundane details, and thanks for a great month.



Motorcycle grandma said...

I have enjoyed the daily posts in November. It gives insight into some of your routine, your concerns, your joys, your life. Thank you!!! Hugs all around.

Cheryl said...

Your mundane details keep you close by so that I can share in your days until you move closeby. Don't stop.

Craig-Jen said...

Oh Eli! Know that I am praying for you and your MEPS appointment! My experience with them was horrendous and I really feel for you!

Erin, I'm going back and posting comments...I did travel out of state...I'm catching up!!!!