Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Escape artists

Who is the idiot that left the window open, knowing full well that the screen could be pushed out?


Who is the idiot that went upstairs to talk to my husband before I left for the theater, and left the cats alone with said open window?


Who is the idiot who then had to chase the cats around the front yard trying to round them up while barely remembering to close the window so that they wouldn't just jump right back out?


It was a loooong day.

Monday, April 28, 2008

Playing catch up

We've been so busy the past couple of months that we haven't even seen each other, let alone friends and family.

In two months time, Eli has coached a complete soccer season. I have coached a complete softball season. I've taken on the responsibility of stage managing for Theatre Tuscaloosa. I've gained and lost tutees. I've been to Space Camp. Eli passed his MPRE. I ran another marathon. We're approximately two weeks away from law school graduation! Woohoo!

So much stuff. No time to do housework. Or laundry.

I think I may take a day off of work this next week to get all that done before gradaution and get stuff done before family comes from afar. We'll see how that works out.