Friday, June 27, 2008

This One's For You, Misty...

The irony of the situation. I no longer have limited access to Internet technology, and I update my blogs even more infrequently than before. Haha.

So, the month of June is almost over, and there's so much:

We have three performances left of How to Succeed. Last night was our best performance and our best audience--I think those two things go hand in hand. Stacey, David, and the kids came in from Texas to see it, en route to Orlando. And--SURPRISE!--Mom came too. She had bronchitis last year during The Music Man, so I'm glad she was able to come to this one. And they all loved the show. The kids couldn't stop talking about it this morning at breakfast.

Eli had an interview in Opelika on June 17th, and was offered the job on June 20th, so we're moving! Soon! Monday we're driving down to find some housing for the next year or so. At first, I wanted to stay in Tuscaloosa, but probably for the wrong reasons. The more I think about it, the more excited I get about moving. Unfortunately, they don't have the theatre scene that Tuscaloosa has, and I feel as if I'm only just now getting plugged into it. Oh, well. The story of my life.

I don't have a job...yet. I'm not entirely worried, though. I didn't get my job at TMS until 3 days before school started. I have faith that the Lord will provide. We may eat rice cakes for the next year, but rice cakes count as provision. Haha.

Today is the last day of my graduate class that I'm taking this summer. It's actually the Longleaf Writing Project, a satellite of the National Writing Project, and I'm sad that it's over. I've met some very inspiring educators this summer, and I hope we can stay in contact and continue to inspire each other. I have to give a presentation over the role of technology in writing instruction. I'm not so nervous about that as I am about reading my personal writing. I may cry like I did yesterday during the run-thru, but I hope not.

Tonight, after the show, Eli's driving me down to Mobile for Pawpaw's 75th Birthday Celebration. Aunt Yvonne has never met me and insists that I be there. I'm at their mercy. Tomorrow is going to be a long day when I have to drive back all by myself.

And next week I fly to Philly to see Daphne, and we're going to storm the Northeast, with plans to be in Boston for the Fourth of July, and then spend a couple of days in NYC, catching a couple of shows.

So, how's that for an update? :)