Sunday, March 31, 2013

Zoo & Easter (Picture Heavy)

First of all, I just want to say how much I love that we upgraded our high speed internet.  I just uploaded 25 pictures in no time (under 1 min.).  Used to be that I had to be very selective so that I didn't have to wait so long--it would take an hour to upload 10 photos.  Oi!

So, anyway, on Thursday before Easter, we went with some church friends to the Montgomery City Zoo.  And when we were there, we ran into my neighbor that I've never met.  She parked next to us, and when we got to talking as we got the kids out of the car, she had noticed one of the license plates numbers of another mom in our group (they start with county number in AL) and knew we were from Lee County.  Turns out we live one street away.  Small world.  :)  We left from the zoo and drove to Mobile to see the grandparents.  We were there all day Friday, and left squirrely in the morning on Saturday to return home for a birthday party.  


Hanging on the rail

Mama!  The ducks have one leg! 

Zebras!  (in the background)

What's that?



Group picture of friends!
Tuckered out on the way from zoo to Mobile.

Long day.

Swinging at the Spanish Fort playground.

Balance beam

Don't push me, Oscar!

Across the bridge!

On the rope bridge--what balance!

Easter Sunday
Don't touch my eggs, Daddy!

Did somebody say chicken dance?

Do something silly.

Smile!  Okay, make a silly face, then!

Egg Hunt

Do you see it?

Here it is!
And there you have it, the end of spring break.  :)


Monday, March 25, 2013

Hello, Spring Break!

I just looked and can't believe that it has been over a month since my last post.  While I haven't had the time to blog as much as I would ordinarily like to, I have just been recently finding satisfaction in the fact that I've kept up with this for so long.

See, I fancy myself a writer.  But, I don't have time to sit down and write with paper and pen.  I'm not a particularly good writer, but if anything, I can at least be a prolific writer, right?  And I might as well write about what I know best--my life.  You know, when I have the time.

Since I last checked in at the end of February:

  • We survived the stomach bug (the norovirus) that has been an epidemic.  Elsie threw up one Saturday and was done with it.  Sadly, we missed a birthday party that she desperately wanted to attend, but I knew I had to keep her home if I wanted to be considered a good friend to the other mothers.  Ironically, everyone at the party got sick anyway from someone else at some other point, so we could have just put them out of their misery sooner by going.  C'est la vie.  Eli was at drill that weekend, so of course I was cleaning up puke solo.  Then, three days later, Tuesday night, Oscar threw up at the dinner table.  Eli was here, but I was still somehow cleaning up puke solo.  Hmm..  Eli stayed home with him Wednesday and Thursday, and he had no symptoms.  So, we had neighbors over on Thursday night and took Oscar to day care on Friday.  I hadn't been in class 15 minutes when I got a call that Oscar was throwing up.  So, I scrambled and got him and had a three-day weekend.  Thankfully, he never threw up again.  Thankfully, none of the adults got sick.  I take that back, we ended up passing the sickness to our neighbors, and they all got sick--adults and children--and had it for two weeks.  I feel pretty bad about that.
  • We have been hosting/leading a small group through church at our house this spring.  This is the nth time in a row that we have done this, and every time, I am amazed at the dynamics of the groups, whether large or small.  Our group this time actually is small.  When everyone is present, there are nine adults, seven children, and two babysitters.  We have two married couples, one engaged couple, one wife (whose husband doesn't attend our group), one college student, one engaged college graduate.  It is a pretty diverse group, while still with everyone under 43 this time.  I have thoroughly enjoyed this group.  But, what I have also enjoyed is that Wednesday night before everyone comes over, the whole Beaver family is working together to clean the house for our guests.  This is probably the only time we are all working together to clean, just saying.  I kinda' look forward to the mad rush, just for the togetherness of it.  Shhh...don't tell Eli.
  • Speaking of church, our new sanctuary is going up swiftly.  It has been fun to watch the progress and talk with the kids about it each morning on the way to/from school.  Oscar always says, "Look at our building!"  And Elsie always says, "It's almost done!"  Well, it's still just the steel frame with a roof, so "almost" is not quite accurate.  We have been blessed with a growing church body, and we have called an assistant pastor (whose gift is in assimilation of new members) from Massachusetts who should report for service this summer.  It's an exciting and terrifying time to be a part of this church, because it makes you look into the face of God and know that he is in control.  It's so much bigger than little old me.  I truly believe that God would move mountains, if need be.  My heart aches at the joy of knowing that this is the same God who is looking out for and LOVES this sinner, right here.
  • And speaking of terrifying, we just started a new Sunday school cycle.  At our church, Sunday school classes are topical and they last for 10-12 weeks.  We are not segregated by age (except for school age children); college students and retirees alike sit next to each other and study the Word of God through the class.  There were two choices this time, and I chose to go to the class on evangelism.    Any other time in my life, I think I would have shied away from this.  Who am I kidding?--I would have sprinted in the opposite direction.  It's terrifying and fear-inducing.  I am so inadequate and so terribly content in my little world.  I'm trying something new, stepping out of my comfort zone, being called to act in some way.  I'm excited to learn how to use my own unique gifts to evangelize.  I know God will use me as I am.  But am I ready?  I think the fact that we are studying the life of David in our Sunday sermons is what has given me boldness to sit in this class--David was the smallest, most diminutive brother, but his faith was unwavering.  Perchance I could be like David.
  • Finally, speaking to the title of this post, I survived the sprint to Spring Break, and I intend to survive the eight weeks afterward until the end of the year (four of them with my intern).  I'm getting things done around the house while the day care is open, and then we'll have a couple of days of spring break fun at home with the kids.  Maybe do a little travel, maybe dream about summer.  We shall see.
I know, I know.  That was full of randomness.  So, I will continue the trend and leave you with two pictures of the munchkins--since I can't both of them to stand still at the same time, there's one blurred child in each picture.  Ah, well.  These were our QTPi shirts for Pi Day (March 14, or 3.14--get it?).  Oh, and have I mentioned Elsie's latest fascination with making faces for the camera?