Sunday, March 31, 2013

Zoo & Easter (Picture Heavy)

First of all, I just want to say how much I love that we upgraded our high speed internet.  I just uploaded 25 pictures in no time (under 1 min.).  Used to be that I had to be very selective so that I didn't have to wait so long--it would take an hour to upload 10 photos.  Oi!

So, anyway, on Thursday before Easter, we went with some church friends to the Montgomery City Zoo.  And when we were there, we ran into my neighbor that I've never met.  She parked next to us, and when we got to talking as we got the kids out of the car, she had noticed one of the license plates numbers of another mom in our group (they start with county number in AL) and knew we were from Lee County.  Turns out we live one street away.  Small world.  :)  We left from the zoo and drove to Mobile to see the grandparents.  We were there all day Friday, and left squirrely in the morning on Saturday to return home for a birthday party.  


Hanging on the rail

Mama!  The ducks have one leg! 

Zebras!  (in the background)

What's that?



Group picture of friends!
Tuckered out on the way from zoo to Mobile.

Long day.

Swinging at the Spanish Fort playground.

Balance beam

Don't push me, Oscar!

Across the bridge!

On the rope bridge--what balance!

Easter Sunday
Don't touch my eggs, Daddy!

Did somebody say chicken dance?

Do something silly.

Smile!  Okay, make a silly face, then!

Egg Hunt

Do you see it?

Here it is!
And there you have it, the end of spring break.  :)


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