Sunday, June 27, 2010

Starry, Sleepy Night

Hooray! For the first time since we moved to Alabama five years ago, D is here! I traveled to see her in DE twice, because, face it, there's so much more to do in the Northeast than there is in my little corner of the South. It's been two years since I've seen her, though. Can you believe time has flown so quickly since our NY/Boston adventure?

She flew into B'ham on Friday night, so the whole family went to greet her. We stayed at M&S's place and then hung out on Saturday for the USA v. Ghana game (which we watched at a pub--Elsie was great, but now her nose is running like a faucet, which I think is due to the smokiness of the venue). Made a mad dash back to Auburn/Opelika and I took D to my favorite place in which I only indulge with others, Sips N Strokes. We tried our hand at a well-known masterpiece. Not too shabby. But as Eli said when we got homeat 10:30 p.m. there's a reason Van Gogh is famous. But I'm still impressed. The place was packed with painters and I feel mine was better than at least half. Haha.

My rendition of the masterpiece:

The two of us, late at night, ready to go to sleep after a long day and a long class:

So that was the end of full day one. I don't have much planned except for a trip to ATL to see JT and little M on Monday. I'm stoked. :)


Friday, June 25, 2010

Your Overdue Fix (picture heavy)

I know, I know. You've been waiting. We've been busy. It's no excuse. So, here is your overdue Elsie picture fix. These pictures are from her birthday party (5/15), one day in the car on the way to Judy's when Eli put bunny ears on her (sometime in May), and Elsie playing in what she thinks is her new playhouse, but is really our new, currently empty kitchen cabinets (6/21).

My little Dorothy, in her checkered dress and ruby slippers:

Let them eat cake! (or just the chocolate icing)

Here is where I learned the hard lesson that you clean a baby's hands before you clean her face, because she will undoubtedly cover her face with her hands and make it worse than it was before you even started...

Though she's wearing the same bib, this really is a different day coming up. :)

Okay, and I'll throw in a couple from our time at the beach, when I found out that I am not a sun worshiper for a reason and that maternity swimwsuits are not actually for swimming:

Playing in the sand:

Tuckered out:

Commandeering a beach chair:

Happy? No, I didn't think you would be. I promise there will be more to come. Is it too late to have her 1-year pictures taken if she's almost 14 months? :)


Monday, June 21, 2010

The Longest Day of the Year

This past weekend was the weekend of Eli. Saturday was his birthday and Sunday was Father's Day.

Despite all the other hectic things we have going on in our lives right now, I want to take a minute to say how much I LOVE this man and how thankful I am to God that He put Eli in my life.

Eli is the best friend a girl could want--he's corny, he's smart, he's decisive.

I couldn't ask for a better husband (he totally put the trash can by the curb last night without any prompting) or baby daddy (he takes his turn putting Elsie to bed...oh, yeah).

I am blessed.

And today is the summer solstice--the longest day of the year. Not that that really means anything since Elsie went to sleep pretty much on time, but it was nice to curl up next to Eli on the chaise lounge and watch the entire replay of Portugal decimating the commies in the World Cup. :)

Monday, June 14, 2010


I waited all day today for the AT&T guy to show up to set up our Cable/Phone/Internet bundle, but no. He did not show. So, this too will be a quick update.

Elsie is 13 months old. Eli stopped counting at one year and has informed me that anyone who asks him how old she is will be told [by him] "one" for the next 11 months or so, at which point his response will change to "two."

Yesterday was my birthday. I am 31. It was my palindrome birthday. You know, 31 on the 13th?

And now the library is closing. Dang. I spent too much time catching up on people's blogs and stalking AT&T to find out what the deal is with being stood up today.

More updates to come. Geez. They're kicking me out.


Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Um...double digits?

Time is slipping by. Not only am I in the double-digit-days-left of this pregnancy, as of today, I'm down to 65...theoretically. 31 weeks on Friday. What?!? Where did the hundreds go? I just lost track, I've been so busy.

We have 22 days left to vacate the apartment, and we have a lot to do. I'm exhausted, and pretty much useless in my state. Where's my magic wand? We're still working on getting Internet service at the new house, debating whether or not we need a land line, etc. Soon.

Some quick updates: This week I'm teaching a mythology class as part of summer enrichment (I'm at the public library now doing some work for that) and we're having fun. Thursday is my last day of summer school this week. Then I go for five days next week, but no Sylvan. So, maybe I'll get some stuff done.

I'm still having some real issues keeping up with my cell phone. More than once I have left it on top of the car and driven off like it was some replaceable drink or something. Every time I have to retrace my steps and find it (most times not even sure that this is what has occurred, but the blackout in my brain leaves it as a possibility). My brain is failing me in the cell phone department. Thankfully I have my mom's old Samsung flip phone. I've had it for 3 years and she had it for a couple of years before me. The thing is GOLD. I wouldn't trade it for anything. The number of times I have dropped it, inadvertently tossed it, driven off with it on the roof of the car, I would have had to replace a lesser (newer) phone multiple times. Ah, the oldies but goodies. They just don't make 'em like they used to, I'm afraid.

Well, back to work. I'll be back here regularly soon enough. The summer is melting away...


Wednesday, June 2, 2010


Just a quick update before I have to get back to the grindstone:

Elsie has five teeth: her two lower center teeth, her two upper teeth to either side of the two in the center so that she looks like a vampire baby with fangs, and now one of the center two has cut the surface.

She's also walking regularly. She had a lot of practice last week in Savannah/Tybee Island, and it's amazing what a difference a week makes, but now she is almost completely bipedal. Have I mentioned that we're doomed Doomed DOOMED??

All is well here. We have one month left in our apartment, and this month was the only month when we had to pay dual rent/mortgage. Thank goodness that's over with. Now on with the (finishing) moving!