Monday, June 14, 2010


I waited all day today for the AT&T guy to show up to set up our Cable/Phone/Internet bundle, but no. He did not show. So, this too will be a quick update.

Elsie is 13 months old. Eli stopped counting at one year and has informed me that anyone who asks him how old she is will be told [by him] "one" for the next 11 months or so, at which point his response will change to "two."

Yesterday was my birthday. I am 31. It was my palindrome birthday. You know, 31 on the 13th?

And now the library is closing. Dang. I spent too much time catching up on people's blogs and stalking AT&T to find out what the deal is with being stood up today.

More updates to come. Geez. They're kicking me out.


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