Friday, June 25, 2010

Your Overdue Fix (picture heavy)

I know, I know. You've been waiting. We've been busy. It's no excuse. So, here is your overdue Elsie picture fix. These pictures are from her birthday party (5/15), one day in the car on the way to Judy's when Eli put bunny ears on her (sometime in May), and Elsie playing in what she thinks is her new playhouse, but is really our new, currently empty kitchen cabinets (6/21).

My little Dorothy, in her checkered dress and ruby slippers:

Let them eat cake! (or just the chocolate icing)

Here is where I learned the hard lesson that you clean a baby's hands before you clean her face, because she will undoubtedly cover her face with her hands and make it worse than it was before you even started...

Though she's wearing the same bib, this really is a different day coming up. :)

Okay, and I'll throw in a couple from our time at the beach, when I found out that I am not a sun worshiper for a reason and that maternity swimwsuits are not actually for swimming:

Playing in the sand:

Tuckered out:

Commandeering a beach chair:

Happy? No, I didn't think you would be. I promise there will be more to come. Is it too late to have her 1-year pictures taken if she's almost 14 months? :)


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Angela said...

Love the pics of Elsie in her sun hat!! She is so adorable! I still have pics to share of her birthday party.