Saturday, November 7, 2009

Rice Rice Baby! (or, 6 months)

Dum dum diggy dum dum. (singing along to Vanilla Ice in my head)

Today, Elsie is 6 months old! I remember thinking that I wouldn't be able to make it through the first week home, let alone the first month, and here we are: half a year later! Woohoo!

I've sorta been chronicling all Elsie has learned this month in spurts throughout the blog, so I'll leave it at that. Her six month doctor's appointment is on Wednesday, a day when I don't have school, so I'll give you the stats then.

Elsie has been eating more and more and even more frequently this week. That, along with other factors, led us to the first serving of rice cereal tonight.

We sat her in the Bumbo chair without the tray (mistake) and with a bib (mistake). Eli fed her, and she was more interested in eating the bib at first, so we eventually took the bib off. She wanted to help, so she kept grabbing the spoon with both hands. Then Eli put the tray on the Bumbo seat, and after he took the spoon away, she would lean forward and lick the tray, eating the food that dropped. We didn't even tell her about the starving kids in Asia!

Here are some photos of her first "solid" food (in quotations because it was just soupy).

Contemplating licking the tray:

Check out the close-up of the 'stache:

All in a day's work.



Craig-Jen said...

I'm guessing that Madeline will be 6 months in a blink...Yeah to solid food!

Motorcycle grandma said...

Great pics!!! Looks like it was a fun event for all 3 of you! It's olny gonna get better!! luv ya!

Anonymous said...

she looks so big sitting in her chair! wow!

good luck with solids.