Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Optimus Trash

I was up until midnight last night cutting up fruit. There were moements when I thought it might have been worth it to buy the pre-sliced-and-diced fruit tray, but it really is an expensive luxury. So it was worth it. The teachers ate what I took with me, and I have extras at home. I also had to leave early this morning to get donuts for my homeroom. I went first to the donut shop around the corner that serves up square donuts (4 extra bites!), but they're closed for the week. So I had to go in the completely wrong direction to get donuts, but again, worth it.

Tonight Eli and I watched Transformers 2. Um, not a family movie. Not in a wholesome sense. Lots of foul language. LOTS. It really wasn't that good, and the special effects were way over the top to the point they were distracting. I remember the first one was pretty good except for a stupid conversation between Shia Labeouf and his co-star that made the movie inappropriate for children. Oh, well.

It's midnight again. It's time for bed. Eli is headed into work for a short time in the morning and then we're headed to Mobile for about 24 hours. And I think we may be eating two Thanksgiving meals on Thursday. I'm overwhelmed thinking about it.

In the meantime,



stephanie said...

i bet we could muster a family (or just baby) photo shoot at thanksgiving. i'm glad you guys are coming, too!

Craig-Jen said...

If there is anyone who can eat two Thanksgiving dinners, it's you. I have complete confidence in you :-) It is free food after all.