Saturday, November 21, 2009

More Oddities

Some more things I have on my mind this Saturday.

Left Hand -- Remember when I said I re-injured my wrist bowling? Wrong. I injured my middle and ring finger on my left hand. Weird, right? This morning it was cold outside and they hurt a lot. I couldn't get the fingers to straighten out, and I had to move my wedding rings to the other hand.

Sylvan -- They asked if I would be willing to work Saturdays, that they were trying to put together two teams of two teachers so we could alternate. Well, they went ahead and scheduled me, and then told me that they only got one team of two teachers, so I'm working 3 on and one off. Gee. Thanks. But, on the flip side, that's 6 extra hours a month, and I'm done by 10 a.m. on Saturdays.

Shoes -- My friend Misty from college opened up an Etsy store called Misty's Blessings. She's going to make some shoes for Elsie in black, denim, and red. I'm really excited. And I'm thrilled about helping her get her store off the ground.

Observation -- Thursday at school I was observed by the principal. They call it an announced observation -- there was a note by the sign-in book when I came in on Thursday that said he would be by some time during the day. I'm sooooo glad my planning period is first period. I was able to get everything done that I needed to in order to make sure the day's lesson was pretty good. We started on how-to writing, and I showed the kids my piece on how to cut a hole in a piece of paper that you can put your whole body through. They were amazed, and broke into spontaneous applause.

Poop -- We were getting ready to go to Sam's Club for dinner (Holiday Tasting special) and we got in the car and got out of the parking lot when Eli pulls over. He smelled poop. Yup. Elsie had pooped everywhere, so we had to come back to the apartment, change her clothes entirely after giving her a bath. We tried again. We went to Sam's Club, Academy, and then to the mall. Elsie got tired of being in her stroller so I picked her up, and, sniff sniff. More poop. For real? So, it's been a poopy day.

I feel like there's more rattling around in there, but I can't think of it, so I'll call it a day.



Craig-Jen said...

Since you shared a poop story...

Madeline busted out her diaper like she has never busted out before...up to her shoulders. We were at a neighbors house. That's the last time I hastily put on a diaper!

Beaver said...

Ha! Jen, that's so awesome! Believe me when I say it only gets worse! She'll get to a point where she's only having one big poop every couple of days or so, so you kind of are on the edge any time you hear noises from the other end, thinking this could be THE BIG ONE!

One time in particular that this was concerning was right before Elsie's baptism--she hadn't had a BM in days, and I refused to put her in her white gown, etc, until she had! Thankfully, it happened at home about 20 minutes before we had to leave. She was in her jumperoo. Poop. Every. Where. I was in the shower when it happened and I heard over the water, "OOh noooooooo! Eeeeeeew!" from my sisters, mom, and niece. Haha. Classic.

Anonymous said...

So your second child being hatched from an egg and being doll sized didn't measure up to an oddity? haha Hope yall have a good Thanksgiving!