Friday, November 6, 2009

More than just Wii bowling

The seventh grade incentive trip was today. We took all the kids who behaved for the first 9 weeks to the bowling alley. It has been a loooong time since I've been bowling for real. And though I bowled a respectable 116 and 106 (in that order), it will be a while before I bowl again. I reinjured my hand/wrist. My family will remember that when Elsie was 8-9 weeks old, I somehow injured my left hand/wrist from holding her awkwardly. I asked the doctor about it when I was there getting my thyroid checked, but she said there wasn't anything she could do. Ice and heat, and that's it. It eventually healed. And then I bowled the first frame of the second game and pain shot through my fingers and up my arm. I knew I had done something wrong. And yet, I still continued to bowl. I know. I'm a little competetive. I had to break 100 in the second game. Gladly, I was the highest scoring female teacher, second highest scoring overall. Not too shabby.

I'll have more to tell you tomorrow about my summer job for 2010.



Motorcycle grandma said...

The last time I bowled I ended up with tendonitis in my right elbow! I ignored it til I injured my left elbow keeping my motorcycle from dropping (resulting in tendonitis)and wound up getting a cortisone shot in each elbow. All better now.

Craig-Jen said...

You bowl better than me!!! But if you knew how I bowled, you'd know that that isn't necessarily a compliment...I obviously play for fun only. *grin*