Wednesday, November 4, 2009


I'm a mess. I'm not particularly sure why today seemed so long, but it showed itself after school.

I had to run by the bank after picking up Elsie from the babysitter because I still had two Sylvan checks to deposit into the diaper fund. I got to the drive-thru and there were no other cars there. This is the type of drive-thru where the lanes face the tellers, so I could see straight into the window. I sent the empty canister and when the woman asked how she could help me, I told her I needed a deposit slip. She obliged, and sent me five of them. I thought that was overkill, but come to find out, my brain rotted a little bit today and I ended up having to start fresh on a second one when I totally botched up the first. It was ugly.

Anyway, there were still no cars in the drive-thru, so I was okay. Just as I was closing up my canister, another car pulled up next to me, so I hurried to put everything into the chute and press the send button. The woman is counting out money and entering numbers when I realize that I completely forgot to endorse the checks. Brain drain. I press the call button, but she doesn't respond. A good two minutes later she asks how she can help me. I tell her that I think my brain is broken (yes, I did say this) and that I'm pretty sure I forgot to endorse my checks, and she gives me a look. Then she has annoyed body language as she digs the checks out of her pile. She takes the money out of the canister, slaps the checks in there, and sends them to me. I sign them and return them. She takes them out of the canister, puts the money in, presses send, and turns away from the window.

Not even a thank you.

Or a "Have a good day."

Or even a "Try harder next time."

So rude. I've never been to this branch before, and I don't plan on going back. One teller, one bad day. And she made me feel like I was really inconveniencing her. Seriously, though, I already felt bad enough about myself and my day. I came home and was a little emotional, all things added together. Eli made one little silly jab about me finally remembering to close the bedroom door being ironic because BOTH cats were already in the bedroom. I lost it. Poor guy. He didn't have a chance. :)

He did, however, have lots of hugs. And all was right with the world again. Yay Wednesday!



Stacey L King said...

Maybe she thought you said, "I think YOUR brain is broken." *shrug*

If it were me, I'd probably call the manager, suggest they keep a stash of deposit slips out by the drive-up spots, and also suggest some basic customer service training for their tellers. Explain very sweetly that not everyone gets to sit in a cushy chair and handle money all day. Some people have to deal with teenagers and don't appreciate the attitudes of said teenagers, let alone the attitudes of bank tellers who are supposed to DO THEIR JOB with a smile.

But that's me.

Craig-Jen said...

Sorry the day was rough, hopefully today will be better. And the teller obviously was not paying attention if she had already put your money in the tube to send back. Maybe she was having a bad day, too.

Valerie said...

That's happened to me the last few days too. What is it with people?