Sunday, November 29, 2009

Ho Hum..I've been reduced to boring updates

Well, we slept in this morning as much as we could. Then Elsie and I got up and went to church. We got there on time. Really, we did. There still weren't any bulletins left, so I hope that nothing important is going on at church this week because the calendar on the church website is not useful (for instance, it said there was Sunday school this morning, which I knew there wasn't, but it still made me second-guess myself).

I thought about scaring up some people to go out to lunch, but in the end, my homebody-ness won out. Elsie and I came home, stopping at McDonald's on the way. Then we played for a while--she's fascinated by mouths and nostrils this week. She was getting tired, so we went into the bedroom and I read while I tried to get her to sleep. Yeah, right. She fussed. And tossed. And fussed some more. I sat her up, and she giggled and smiled. Then toppled over and fussed some more. I sat her up and she immediately flopped over to complain some more. Ugh.

Eli came home from the hunting camp and Elsie was still awake. He went out into the living room to watch TV and then came to get her when she wouldn't stop. She belched for him, and pretty much went into sleep mode. So, she slept for almost 2 hours while I tried to finish my book, losing my battle with the waning daylight. I came into the living room and finished it and she woke up. And that's it.

Here I am.

Not ready to go back to school tomorrow.


Three weeks until Christmas break. I can do it.

Fun, right?


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Craig-Jen said...

Three weeks!!!!!! You can do it :-)

Sorry my comments are mundane :-) I had fun reading about your month!