Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Rule of Thumb

I thought it was a fluke, but it might not be. The other day, Eli and I had Elsie in Wal-Mart while we were getting some groceries for the month, when lo and behold, we looked down and Elsie had her thumb--just her thumb--in her mouth. Up to this point, she only tried to put her entire fist into her mouth. Haha. Only. Now she has figured out that she has digits. And the big fat one on the end is quite tasty.

Now, like I said, I would have considered this a fluke, except that tonight, as Elsie jumped in her jumperoo--she LOVES it, by the way--somehow that chubby phalange ended up back in her little mouth AGAIN! Nooooooooooo! I would rather have her addicted to a piece of plastic (pacifier) than to her thumb. I just get so nauseated when I have 7th graders sitting in class sucking their thumbs thinking no one is looking. It's gross! Unsanitary! And soooo uncalled for. Not my child. I hope.

Elsie has adjusted to the time change by waking up earlier and going to bed earlier. This morning she woke up at quarter to five and lay in her crib talking and carrying on. I tried to go back to sleep, and did on and off. I hoped that Eli would get up and change her diaper, you know, once I kicked him and he stirred and then heard her making noise, but unfortunately, the kicking didn't work, and so I put a pillow over my head until she started actually crying, which happened right around six. Anyway, must be nice to be a hard sleeper. :)

Lucky boy.



Craig-Jen said...

I should make an effort to comment on all you posts this month :-)

Sorry about the thumb. I was a thumb sucker myself and my sister sucked her pointer and middle finger together...I told her that kindergartners didn't suck their fingers and that she would not be allowed to go if she sucked her fingers. It worked and she became a big girl...so maybe Elsie won't be in middle school when she stops.

Colleen said...

yuck I can't believe you have 7th grades who still suck their thumbs! I was picturing like when girls used to wear pacifiers in jr high (to look like ravers I think), but sucking thumb is way grosser and real. I'm sure you'll get little E out of the habit before she gets too old. :)