Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Live, from Mobile, it's Wednesday night!

We're here in Mobile. After a morning of getting the apartment ready to come back at the last minute before we're supposed to have people over for supper* while Eli went to work for the morning, we made it in the car and made it to the in-laws'. We are currently awaiting the last of the Beavers to show up (M&S, where are you?). Tacos for dinner. Elsie's in bed.


Grandma and Paw-paw Beaver, as they will be known to Elsie until she starts calling them something else, purchased a crib and put it in M's old bedroom because there is no room in Eli's old room where we usually sleep if we get first pick. So I joked that Elsie would sleep in with M&S while we get to sleep in the comfy bed. Haven't slept in the same room as Elsie since...well, the last time we traveled. South Carolina, I think? Also, the in-laws dismantled M's bunkbeds to make one large king-sized bed, so this should be interesting. King-sized beds make us feel like we're sleeping on different continents than each other. I mean, why not just buy two twin beds (cheaper) and put them across the room Lucy-Desi style? See? I'm just full of tips to save money, short-term and long-term...haha. :)

Either way, it will be a welcome change from our bed at home. I always seem to sleep better when I'm not in my own bed. Weird, I know.

So, that's my story and I'm stickin' to it.

Happy Thanksgiving Eve, everyone!


*Evidently "dinner" is a synonym for "lunch" in the South as Eli is quick to remind me--so confusing since I've used them interchangeably my whole life!


stephanie said...

or if you're like my mississippian father, you just call every meal "dinner" and lose the confusion.
pancakes for dinner anyone?

Craig-Jen said...

I'm late in my replies...have not checked a single blog since, well, a while. ;-)

My mom always used to call lunch dinner and dinner supper...despite the fact that we are in Texas. Weird.