Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Cleaning out my time

I mentioned in a previous post about my addictive gaming personality. I've been playing Mafia Wars on FB since this summer. The game really has no objective and no way to win. So, if you can't win, why play? I don't know. It just seemed like a challenge or something, but it's getting old and it's getting in the way. So, I decided that once I master New York, that I'm done.

Lucky for me, a few weeks ago, the makers of the game that are always adding new content decided to have a Big Apple Week where you could earn twice the experience and twice the loot. As a result of this adventure, I am about a week away from mastering NY, when before I was about two months away. So, ladies and gentlemen, this is me publicly exercising a little accountability. Even though I've been working on it for months, when I meet this goal, I will be deleting my MW account, as well as my CastleAge account (another game that is also futile), and I will be paring down my friends list by deleting MW- and CA-only friends. And while I'm in the mood for profile cleaning, I think I'm going to delete students from the past and high school/college people who I didn't even really know all that well anyhow but were wanting to see my profile.

And you know what I'm going to do? I'm going to unpack more of my children's books and read to Elsie more often. There are days when I feel like even though she's only seven months old (almost!!) that I'm already missing out. When she was a helpless babe (lump) and needed/wanted holding, I could think about 100 other things I wanted to be doing, which is why I enjoyed other people holding her. When she was asleep, I wanted to either sleep (or play around on Facebook), now I wish that I had paid more attention to her and held her more at that age, watched her sleep and "treasured all these things in [my] heart."

It's just something that's been on my mind recently.



Jen Barnes said...

More power to you. What a convicting post... I definitely need to "be" with my boys more.

Motorcycle grandma said...

Has anyone told you lately that you're an amazing mom? Well, you are! I'm not sure I figured all that out as quickly as you have. But....I played in a closet yesterday with my buckaroo and a flashlight! It was a blast!!!! Next time we will take some books and a snack in there with us!

Stacey L King said...

I totally relate to MW getting old. I've not touched it in more than a month. Haven't deleted my account, but haven't had the guile or gumption to even take advantage of the double experience in NY.

And you know I'm all over reading to kids of any age. :) (Scholastic Warehouse sale starts here on Friday, wooo!)

However, do remember that Erin Time is important, so don't ever feel guilty about spending a little bit of time doing something you enjoy doing even if there's not really a point to it. Sanity is a precious thing and maintenance is essential, but really difficult with wee ones (and not-so-wee ones, too, actually).

I used to read whatever I happened to be reading, but out loud, when I was feeding Sunshine and Norseman. Magazine articles, newspaper items, mystery novels, etc. I'd sometimes read them to sleep that way, too.

We did picture books once they were able to sit in my lap and pay attention for a few minutes at a time.