Thursday, December 10, 2009

Lotsa Snotsa

Well, if this weather would ever decide what it's doing I think that our sinuses could finally settle down. Elsie is having a hard time. There's lots of boogage in her nose. She didn't sleep very well last night because she couldn't breathe through it, only her mouth (and so, guess who else didn't sleep well?), and when we woke up this morning she had schnotskies in her hair! Ugh. At 4 something, after I had been up with her an hour earlier, Eli got up with her. She was not happy--screaming, etc.--which makes the mucous drainage situation worse. So, I got up and we tag-teamed her with the blue ball of nasal doom. And while she didn't like it, she did sleep again. And so did we, for about an hour. Eli got up in time to get ready to go to Bible study, but when I woke up at six-thirty (when the study starts), he was still in the shower, comatose, so he completely missed Bible study this morning. And then I was running way late. And the day continued on just like that.

Tonight was our Women's Christmas Party at church and I had the pleasure of designing card-making activities for the ladies. I think they enjoyed it a lot. It was a cookie swap, but this week has been so hectic that I didn't make cookies for it (the irony is that the cookie swapness of it all was partially my idea). I did, however, get to come home with a baker's dozen of various holiday treats. Yum. I know I had a great time watching everyone be creative. There's just something about card-making that is cathartic. I munched on cookies and sipped on cider and helped people who wanted it (and maybe some who didn't...haha).

So, as promised, I completed the New York stage in Mafia Wars on Monday, Elsie's 7-month dodecaversary*. I sent all my great weapons and loot to friends who asked, and I deleted my account from FB. Not as promised, I still have a CastleAge account. I'll probably drop that by the new year. In the meantime, I have been thinking about what kinds of things I can get accomplished while my family is here the week after Christmas. One task I would love help on is fully transitioning the spare bedroom into Elsie's room. She'll be moving around soon enough, and that's just not a safe place for a mobile baby. I also have about a crudzillion totebags full of randomness that I need to just sit down and sort through, but that will probably require heavy amounts of moral support (I'm addicted to totebags almost as much as I am to piling junk). And time to sew up some summer dresses for the little miss. Get a Hobbly Lobby coupon and go get some cute fabric. I have several patterns from an etsy store called Whimsy Couture. And the front closet, which is supposed to be a coat closet but is really more of a place to pile boxes that contain piles--that needs to be cleaned out.

So, I have six more school days until Christmas. Pray that I don't snap. I haven't complained about work this year because--surprise!--there's almost nothing to complain about. But this week has really tested my patience. On Monday, I thought I might just like a good cry to get it out because that's what I did last year, but then I remembered that last year I was pregnant and hormonal, so maybe it wasn't as bad as I remember...nevermind. It was.

On that note, I'm going to sleep. Thanks for tuning in.


*I made up a lot of words in this post. I feel like I may have accomplished more than Bill Shakespeare in the creation of newfangled things to say. What a night!


Craig-Jen said...

I hate to be the unsolicited mom...but Miss Madeline has been congested since she entered this world. Her first cold, courtesy of our Texas Thanksgiving, is still lingering. Boo! I actually bought something that appears totally gross, but works better than the hospital nasal aspirator. It doesn't irritate the nasal passages because the pointy end doesn't get shoved inside the nose...

Best. Baby. Investment. Ever. (that I've made anyway)

You will never get anything in your mouth.

And I loved your words!

Beaver said...

I've heard of the Nosefrida and I put it on Elsie's Christmas list when I sent it out last week. I'm so glad it works! I just wish I had one now as Darth Vader haunts me through the baby monitor...