Sunday, December 13, 2009

Go Away

Finally, the rain stopped.

Yesterday morning, I got up to go to Sylvan for a couple of hours and it was sprinkling outside, the kind of sprinkle that taunts you, "If it were colder, I would be snow!" By the time I left Sylvan, two hours later, the teasing was over and we had a full on drizzle.

We left around 1, driving the hours in the rain, to come to Mobile for the annual performance of This is Christmas at Eli's parents' church. I did not fall asleep. Woohoo. (It's not boring, people, it's just that after four hours in the car, it's dim, it's warm, and there's this lovely lullaby that sounds like choral chamber music in the background.) And by the time we left, the streets of Mobile were flooded and the radar showed a big red blob in the area, so we hurried back to port and pretty much immediately went to sleep. Thankfully, the rain has stopped.

[Okay, weird. It's 6-something in the morning, and I'm on the computer while everyone else at the Beaver mothership is asleep, and I just heard snoring coming from...the couch. Not sure I want to investigate.]

Elsie was the only baby in the nursery last night, and the ladies fell in love with her (big surprise) and can't wait for her to come back this morning. One of the ladies has been working with the nursery for 30 years and remembered when sister-in-law S, who is now 23, was in the nursery. How's that for longevity?

As I waited for Eli to pull the car around to the awning so that we didn't get wet, I got into a lovely conversation with a woman who commented on how pretty Elsie is (have you entered her into any contests? she asked) and then noticed that my accent didn't sound Southern, where was I from? That's right, my accent. My yankee non-accent is an accent to someone not from here either. She made me guess where she was from when I asked. Eastern Europe, I said. Very good, she said. Now which country? I wish I had gone with my first instinct which was Hungary, but I said Czech Republic. Close, she said. Poland. And then we talked about how she ended up in Mobile, Alabama. She was hitchhiking from California to Florida and got stuck here--now she has a family and this is where she lives. I thought, that's funny, because you're only a stone's throw from Florida. Haha.

Anyway, that's my post for this morning. I may crawl back in bed and pretend like this never happened.


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