Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Laughing so hard...

Just a quick Elsie story.

A little while ago she was playing in her jumperoo and she was starting to get bored, so I sat down in front of her and started making faces and sounds. Every time I made a sound, mmmm-GA! or mmmmm-ZA! she would laugh hysterically. She kept doing it, so of course I kept making sounds, changing my consonant plosive. And she kept laughing. After several minutes, she was laughing, but her face started flushing, and in between laughs she had the beginnings of that pouty face that says, "I'm about to cry." And I would make another noise, and she would laugh maniacally. And the skin around her eyes got redder and redder, but she kept laughing, until finally she started crying. It was the cutest, saddest thing I've ever seen.

I often laugh so hard that the only "logical" next emotion is a full-on cry for no good reason. This is definitely my child (even if she doesn't look like me).



Just minutes later, Elsie is playing on the floor and she gets really quiet. I look under the coffee table and see this, so I had to run and get my camera.


Motorcycle grandma said...

"What? What'd I do?" I absolutely LOVE her red shoes!!! Hugs!!!

Craig-Jen said...

ha ha, too cute.

Cheryl said...

The first one looks as though she is doing her version of a pole dance with the leg of the coffee table!