Friday, December 18, 2009

Disco Diva...without the disco

I survived the first semester. Amen.

I could stop posting right there, but I would have to leave out details about our awesome end of quarter incentive activity! So, I'll go on.

Today, we took the seventh grade roller skating. Yes, kids still roller skate. I made sure I wore the craziest socks I have (or the second craziest, since my neon skull and crossbone socks are in the dirty clothes pile) and when I got my skates, I rolled my jeans up to reveal the rainbow stripes. The science teacher on my hall ALSO wore crazy socks today. The kids thought we planned it. She knew something I didn't though, so her sock selection was better than mine--the roller rink had black lights. Dang! Maybe next time.

Anywho, we had a blast. The music choices were a bit disappointing. No DISCO music??? What kind of roller establishment is this?!? And there was a notable lack of the LIMBO and the HOKEY POKEY--skating standards, I thought. I didn't fall at all, and I impressed most of the kids, because, you know, they think I'm old, and therefore unable to do anthing "cool". That got me to thinking about the last time that I went roller skating.

::biddlydoo biddlydoo biddlydoo:: (flashback music)

I'm eighteen and rocking the rink in my skates. I'm flying high (figuratively) because, guess what?? I just cast my vote in my first presidential election! The screens in every corner of the rink in Waco, TX, were covering the news and the election returns. Every time I made a lap I checked to see the latest results. I thought for sure that we would know before we went to bed who was going to be the next President: Georgie or Al. I was wrong.

::biddlydoo biddlydoo biddlydoo::

That was twelve years ago. That was before many of my students who I skated with today were born. That's right. I am old.

But, now that I think of it, I feel sure that we had at least one BUGWB in Disguise event after that. For those of you who know nothing of what I speak, BUGWB is shortspeak for Baylor Unviersity Golden Wave Band--the marching band I was in for four years in college. The "in disguise" of which I speak was my brainchild while I was at Baylor. (I maybe missed my calling as a party planner.) The band rented out the roller rink and hosted a party where people came in disguise, and then we had a bunch of people in crazy costumes and get-ups skating around. It was a blast. How was I behind this? I was in band leadership--the historian, to be exact. At least that year.

Anyway, enough nostalgia. Tomorrow my age is really going to show when I'm all achy and creaky when I get out of bed after using muscles I haven't used in years! (Although, you could probably argue that those muscles were used a few years ago when we went snow skiing--but it's still been years, people! Haha!)

Happy Christmas break to you all!



Colleen said...

No way you were 18!!! That was in 2000 and I was 21, so you would have been at least that old. :)

Beaver said...

Thank God for you, Colleen! I've been running the numbers over and over in my head and I couldn't get them to work. So, about nine years, then. Whew. I was really starting to feel old.