Tuesday, June 30, 2009

That Good Ol' Summertime

I am a proud Baylor grad who knows all the lyrics to both the fight song and the alma mater. I've known that Baylor's alma mater, That Good Ol' Baylor Line, was based on the song That Good Ol' Summertime, but I had never actually heard the song until today.

I got home from getting my hairs cut and flipped on the television. Turner Classic Movies was showing a Judy Garland movie called That Good Ol' Summertime, so in the interest of hearing the song that inspired the Baylor alma mater, I watched it.

And I was surprised!

Did you know that this particular Judy Garland movie was the original movie inspiration for the Meg Ryan/Tom Hanks romance You've Got Mail? Neither did I. Just goes to show that what's old is new. Like Elsie's name. :)

Two days until we leave for Texas. Cheers.


stephanie said...

i watched that for a few minutes today! (i decided to stick with gilmore girls though, as i caught it in the middle.) "you've got mail" was also a remake of another fantastic film called "the shop around the corner" with jimmy stewart and margaret sullivan. if you've never seen it, i'll let you borrow it next time i see you. it's a rainey family favourite.

Misty said...

In my third grade play, my part was to walk around with a parasoul to that song :). I've never seen the movie though!