Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Old friends, good times

Yesterday Elsie and I went to visit JT in Atlanta. I hadn't seen JT in a few years--six or seven maybe? I can't believe time passes so quickly! Elsie was so good. How blessed am I? JT and I talked and caught up on years passed, and spent a lot of time with shop talk, mommy style. We had lunch with her hubby and also were able to get some things done, settling her in her new home. I don't feel like I was as helpful as I could have been, but if I provided a little motivation, then I feel my purpose in traveling was fulfilled. :) Oh, and she made these amazing oatmeal chocolate chip cookies that I kept eating. On top of that, she sent some cookies with me, and I'm proud to say that they survived the trip. I had some to share with Eli when I got home.

Today, Elsie and I are staying at home. We just put clothes on. I have some laundry to do as today is the first time I have been pooped on. I have previously gotten poop on me, but this time, while I was nursing, it got deposited directly on my person upon its arrival (via the top back of the diaper), running all over me, my shorts, and yes, Eli's side of the bed (Hi, Honey!). The fun side of motherhood this is, I'm sure. Haha.

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The Smiths said...

It's the first of many pooping incidents! My first was when Cooper was only a few weeks old, I was in Randell's office at work changing Cooper's diaper and it went ALL over me....we then had to go to the pedi for his check up. I chalked it up to being a Mom! :)