Monday, June 8, 2009

Pictures from Month 1

Here are some photos from the last month. Sorry I'm not so good at taking a lot. And I wish I knew more about photography. Now would be a good time to learn.

Elsie in the cute ruffly onesie that Crissy gave her (formerly Miss M's), and bow from Michelle.

Big Brother Coco loves the bouncy seat from Kim:

Timmy was eager to break in the stroller that Stacey brought:

Elsie being adored by her cousins and aunt before they left to return to Texas. (Did I mention that I cried?):

Early morning baby asleep on my bed:

Elsie at one month (I took these photos today, outside on her bouncy chair)...I think she looks much better in natural light with the outdoor setting on my digital camera:

She decided to wake up and give me a look:

This cute outfit was one that Baby Burd gave us, but since she wasn't this size until winter, she didn't get to wear it ever. Her loss was our gain. :)

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