Sunday, June 7, 2009

1 Month

I got out of the shower this morning and heard Eli talking to Elsie about being one month old today.

"That means that Mommy is 360 times older than you are."

Gee. Nothing like a 3-digit number to make a near-30-year-old girl feel good about herself. :) In all fairness, he did let her know that he's 348 times older than she is. The good news is that as she gets older, that margin will close dramatically. I mean, when Elsie was born, I was several thousand times older than her! When she's 30, I'll only be twice her age (and sixty years old!).

Happy 1 month to Elsie! In celebration, we are going to take Elsie to Atlanta tomorrow because Dave Ramsey is hosting $1 night at the Braves game, and we're going to take a short road trip in practice for my trip to Atlanta soon to help JT out (I'm excited!) and to Texas in July, which is a much longer drive--at least six times as long, and that doesn't include stopping for changing diapers and feedings. Also, we're going to practice with Elsie and the Moby wrap. She loves it. I put her in it while we walked around K-Mart yesterday investigating the nursery furniture that matches the changing table Mom got us. Elsie ended up sleeping for 3 hours, including the time she was in the wrap and then after we got home. It was magic. So, we'll walk around the Braves game with her all cuddled up. We'll see how that goes.

Stump Watch 2009, Day 31 Update: That darn stump is still attached, but little pieces of rotten cord are falling off. And there's goo around it. It's gross, but gross in the way that peeling sunburn is to me--intriguing! There are little white spots/lumps underneath some of the loose main stump. Granulomas? I'm not sure. But we're getting closer and closer to detachment.

And finally, Eli said something the other day about giving Elsie rice cereal. Evidently, he's heard from "everybody at work" that it works wonders in helping baby sleep during the night. I told him that I had read that giving rice cereal was relatively pointless (from Happiest Baby sleep chapter), but agreed to support his decision to ask the pediatrician about it during our appointment in two weeks. (But still, give a guy a bottle--and, therefore, the ability to feed the baby--and he wants to feed her a cheeseburger! Haha.)

As long as I'm the primary feeder, Elsie won't be eating anything solid for 6 months (1 down, 5 to go). Even if rice cereal makes her sleep longer, would we be feeding it for her benefit? No. It would be for our selfish desire to sleep longer (which is overrated). If it had any nutritional value I might consider it, but this is one of those battles that I will win. You know, just like using the free and clear detergent.

And that's the 1 month update. Cheers.


Craig-Jen said...

Have a great time at the game! I can't wait to see you and Elsie here later in the summer!

KJ said...

Stick to your guns, mama! I don't know anyone that has noticed a difference when adding rice to a bottle...that wasn't from my mother-in-law's generation. Everyone has their opinions about nighttime sleep!(I have my own as a mom of one who slept 8+ hours at night starting around 10 weeks and another who was still waking once a night until he was 17 months old!) Oh, and have fun on your trips- I'm so jealous of your ATL trip to see Jen!!