Saturday, June 27, 2009

Some pictures (and a video) to share!

I promised I would try taking more pictures, so let me start with this one, Elsie's first doctor's visit. (And this is before she received the HepB shot!)

She did, however, like the sound of the paper wrinkling under her. That was before this picture was taken though. By this time, the doctor, Sara, had been poking around in her belly button with silver nitrate, and Elsie was beside herself. Sweet baby. Hah.

Next, we have a couple more bouncy chair pictures. She was awake this time, and I was trying to get her to smile at me (even if it was just gas). Her smile melts my heart, but it's so fleeting right now, and followed by spit-up, that I can't get it on film in all its glory! These were taken yesterday:

And today, the Beavers came up from Mobile and brought the boat to a state park nearby, so we went out on the water. We sunscreened the baby up, put her in a life jacket (which was the only way I was going to agree to take her out). There are pictures of her on the boat, but they're on the in-laws' camera. Here she is in her stylish life jacket, which she spent most of the time chewing on/licking while exploring the texture.

After we got out of the boat, several in our party decided that they were going to go into the water. I stayed on dry land because I honestly don't like going into water where I can't see my feet even in the shallow end. So, Eli took my baby with him. Elsie liked the water. You probably already know this, but I was amazed at just how much liquid that diaper could hold!

And, I've figured out how to upload videos, so look out! Look at her kicking her little feetsies! [There's no sound since this wasn't taken with a video camera.]

Elsie in the water
Originally uploaded by Beaver Family

When we got home, we gave her her first tub bath. If you'll notice, even though we put sunscreen on her and kept her in shade except for that short time in the water, she got a sunburn! I feel like the worst parent in the world! I called the nurse at the pediatrician's office, and she said, "Tell Daddy not to take her into the lake anymore! She doesn't have an immune system!" Lesson learned.

My poor baby! We also used shampoo today. The head-to-toe stuff just wasn't cutting it for all that hair! You can see how that went over.

Okay, those are my pictures. Please don't turn me in for abusing my child! :( It looks worse on film? Live and learn.


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Stacey L King said...

Faces are really tough to keep sunscreened. It's probably tough to get the lotion ON the face because she's got enough control over her neck muscles to move her face out of the way of rubbing hands. And whatever does get on the face gets rubbed off when she eats and burps and rubs her face on your shoulder trying to tell you she's hungry.

Can't wait to see y'all next weekend!