Tuesday, June 2, 2009


I can't believe it is Tuesday already.

Saturday, Stacey and the kids and Eli and I took a trip out to a state park. We took Elsie on her first hike to some waterfalls at Chewacla State Park. She slept through the whole thing, but it still stands as her first hiking trip. :)

Sunday, we tried taking Elsie to church. By the time we got there, she had soiled her pants, so I took her back to the nursery and changed her. Eli carried her into church, where we sat on the front row, but that didn't last long for my two loves. During the prayer, Elsie decided to cleanse her colon, and it was audible over the pastor praying. Eli took her out to go change her while everyone's eyes were closed (purportedly). And, he didn't return. During the hymns and some of the sermon, I could hear her crying, but Eli didn't come get me, so I didn't worry about it. He's very capable. Well...turns out that we ran out of diapers in the diaper bag, but there was nothing he could do about it. The car seat carrier was in the sanctuary with me, and all the kiddos in the nursery wear bigger diapers--the smallest is size 3. So, as my family likes to joke, Eli and Elsie got a lot out of church. And we had to ride home with a screaming baby. Ugh.

Monday, we chilled in the morning. I had an appointment in the afternoon with the pulmonologist, which, again, felt like a waste of time and money. Stacey and the kids took Elsie with them while I went in. When I was done, we went to Target and then to the library. By the time we were done, we were beat.

And then it began. The grumbling in my belly. The bubbles in my bowels. I was not feeling well at all. In the night time, my indigestion was terrible. I was trying to feed Elsie, but I was so nauseated that I had to hand her to Eli and make a run to the bathroom where I threw up for a non-pregnancy related, non-sport related record--the first time since we've been together. And let's say that I will probably not eat Chicken Florentine again. I don't think that's what made me sick, but it will definitely always be associated with it. Yuck. And this morning, I felt like death warmed over...and that hasn't really improved much.

It would happen that Stacey and the kids left this morning too. I'll admit it. I cried when they left. I enjoyed having them here, having extra hands, not being alone during the day. I wish I could have been more entertaining. I probably didn't rest as much as I should have (or really at all) while they were here, so that didn't help this morning when I felt overwhelmed by my sickness and my inability to care for my child! When Eli came home for lunch, he found both of us crying on the couch. I couldn't figure out how to help her stop crying--she was trying to work through some gas. We had just awakened from a post-feeding nap. I changed her diaper. Then she started crying. Bicycling her legs didn't work, nor did patting her back firmly. So, we cried. He took her from me and I went to lay in the bed. I heard him move her bouncy chair onto the dryer in the laundry room, talking to her all the while. She still didn't settle down. Then I heard him take her outside, and that was the last thing I remember until my body clock woke me up for feeding time. They were hanging out in the clubhouse at the pool. She was cool as a cucumber.

It's pouring down rain right now and the lights are flickering. Eli is in Atlanta at a Braves vs. Cubs game with his best friend, but I have a feeling that's going to get rained out. Maybe he'll be home earlier than the wee hour of morning.

Anyway, Elsie is swaddled up and sleeping next to me. She should be stirring soon. I will get pictures when I can. Sorry, guys. I just am not a picture taker, but I'm going to make an effort.


Craig-Jen said...

Feel better soon! A mom doesn't get time off when she's sick...so I hope this bug passes through you quickly.

Colleen said...

Hey! Congrats on getting a new job in a good district! That's awesome!

Also, I remember you said a while ago that you were bringing back old lady names (well, I think you were kind of joking), but I really love the name Elsie. And to be honest, I did not think of the Borden cow (so not everyone associates that name with milk), and wouldn't have until you mentioned it. :) Anyway, I love the name Elsie, and I love "old lady" names too (Pearl, Josephine, Iris, etc)!! Hope you feel better, tell Elsie and Eli I said hello.