Wednesday, June 17, 2009

General Update

This is a hodge-podge collection of information arranged topically. Bear with me.

1st Doctor's Appointment: Elsie is 11 lbs. 8 oz. (as of 5 weeks, 5 days), 22.25 inches long, and her head is 15.75 inches in circumference. She received her second HepB shot, and this mommy left her pacifier in the car so I had to work much harder to calm my sweet girl.

1st 5K: Elsie rode in her first 5K yesterday. The hospital sponsors free timed 5K runs through the park on Tuesday nights during the summer, so we took her out in the stroller and walked it. We didn't finish the last little bit since we had to stop and change a dirty diaper and then we had a hot, unhappy baby to contend with, but we did at least the 3 mile part (and not the .1). It's only going to get more uncomfortable for her as the summer heats us, so that may be the last time we do that. Eli thought it was cute that her hair curls when it is sweaty. Who does that remind me of? Oh, right. Me. So, it's cute on a baby, but just frizzy--garnering a "Whoa!" response--on me? I see. There's a double standard. :)

6-week check-up: I went to the doctor today for my post-natal 6-week appointment. I have only 5 pounds of baby weight left. But that's still 10 pounds over my ideal weight, so I should stop the sugar binge. And I've been cleared to exercise--to me that's RUN--again. Finally. Now to find the time when I don't have a baby to care for. Hmm...

Sugar binge: I love my teeth. I really do. But recently I have been unable to stay away from the sugar! Sugary drinks--Coke, Kool-Aid, PowerADE; sugary snacks--Fiddlesticks from Priester's Pecans; sugary birthday cake--so moist, and so much leftover. This may be the battle for those last 5 pounds of baby weight. I love sugar!!!

Planned Texas trip: I got doctor's appointments scheduled accordingly, so I will be able to stay for 3 weeks in Texas when I come! So, we're coming for a July 4 wedding with Eli returning to Alabama for work on Sunday, and then he's coming back for a soccer game on July 26, and we'll all head back to Alabama on Monday, July 27. If you're in the DFW area during those three weeks, let me know and we can hang out. I love my family (love you guys!) but also will probably need a change of scenery, however brief, during those three weeks.

Care for Elsie while I go back to work: I will leave Elsie with the lovely woman from church, but before we go into negotiations about how much to pay her, I'm wondering if anyone can give me a ballpark for how much home childcare workers/childcare centers are charging these days?

Back to work: I got the call yesterday that I will go back to work the week of July 27. Actually, I'm supposed to be there for new teacher orientation on July 27, but seeing as how we will be in the car on the way back from TX, I informed them that I wouldn't be available on Monday. They're okay with that, thankfully. That means that I will probably have to be up at school for the rest of the week finishing orientation (Tues & Wed) and doing make-ups for Monday, and for the Friday before that when there's a reading strategies training that I can't attend.

Birthdays: Eli has been reveling that for the last couple of days his age has reflected that he is two years younger than me. Well, actually, that I'm two years older than him. Nice, right? Well, his birthday is Friday, and we're planning to have a little pool party on Saturday to celebrate the joint Beaver birthdays. It's totally breaking all the apartment complex pool rules, and I will have to get a new swimsuit (two pieces don't work with incisions and fresh stretch marks), but who cares? I also will have to clean my house. Booooo. When will I find the time? I guess I won't be playing Mafia Wars as much. Riiiiight.

I'm sure there's more that has been on my mind, but since I'm so scattered, I'll just have to leave it at that. Time to go mug some people. Oh, and tend to my baby.



Jen Barnes said...

Dave, I, and the three boys will be in the Plano (Grandparents' house) and Grapevine area around the 19th and 20th of July to celebrate our oldest's 4th birthday (at Great Wolf Lodge) but we will add some free time in if that means we can meet Elsie!!!

Beaver said...

Jen, that would be so fun! I've only ever seen pictures of your boys--I would love to see them in live action (especially the baby!). We'll make plans as we get closer to the trip! Can't wait!