Thursday, June 18, 2009

6 Weeks

The first two weeks, I thought I would never make it with any sanity. Now, we're six weeks into this motherhood thing, and I'm still standing. My house is a wreck, but I'm still standing. See, I can play Mafia Wars with a baby in one arm, but I can't scrub the bathtub that way. During the day Elsie hates to be put down. She wants to be held, and I can't blame her. She spends 8+ hours at night all by herself in the bassinet.

When I went to my breastfeeding class, the nurses encouraged us to commit to breastfeeding for 6 weeks before we gave up (for those women who are discouraged and thinking about giving up). That seemed like an eternity at the time, but here I am. All is well. I think we have it down to a routine. Now, I need to fit some pumping into the routine so that I will be ready when school starts. And I need to get that done before we go to Texas because I won't be able to transport the milk back without it unfreezing.

In my random musings yesterday I forgot to mention that Eli had a job interview with a law firm down the street. Eli says he felt good about it--it lasted for two hours--but that there were no definite commitments. He did say that the lawyer wanted Eli to call him if he had any other offers. So, we'll see. If he gets the job, then we'll probably look at buying a house here.

Breastfeeding support group was good today. A mother whose baby had outgrown a couple of sizes of diapers brought all the extras to give away. Turns out that only one baby present wore newborn sizes, and that only Elsie was in size 1 diapers, so we got about 70 Huggies diapers for free! I'm so glad I went. I stocked up all those months ago, but who knew that they would only last six to seven weeks! We have only 3 packages left.

Anyway, tomorrow is Eli's birthday. Saturday we're headed to Tuscaloosa in the evening. And Sunday we're going to see The Sound of Music at Theatre Tuscaloosa--I should have been a singing nun! It's going to be a busy weekend.


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