Saturday, June 13, 2009

Nerdy 30

Well, it's my 30th birthday, and it's been so...anticlimactic?

I wanted to have a big bash or something, which is totally out of my character since I hate being in the spotlight for something so banal (which includes being a birthday girl, a blushing bride, or a mother-to-be), but then a lot of the people we wanted to have over are on vacation or traveling. Next weekend was going to be fine--a joint party for the Beaver birthdays since Eli's is on Friday--but it's also Father's Day weekend, and a completely different set of people will be out of town visiting their dads. No fun. So, this day will come and go without much hubbub. I'm actually a little sad. I wanted it to be a bigger deal. A rite of passage or something. Isn't there a secret handshake I'm supposed to learn?

We did go to Coldstone Creamery last night for our free sundaes, but with the state of economy, they've downgraded to Like-It size creations for their birthday club. Since I already had my tastebuds set on what I wanted, I ended up paying the difference. It was 97 cents, but still not free, which made it taste not as good. There's something about free food that makes it more palatable and delicious. Weird, I know.

This morning we drove to Mobile (where I am currently) to see the in-laws. My birthday, while acknowledged with a gratuitous cake, is not as important to them in the overall scheme of things, you know? That's an observation, not a complaint. Just a lazy day sitting around watching TV while I make headway in the last book in the Twilight series. Eli said we'll go out later to the scenic overlook and leave the little one with the grandparents. Why do I get the feeling that this is a popular makeout spot? Is that someplace that 30-year-old women and their scandalously younger husbands go? Hmm... And currently I'm hearing conversations about going out to dinner at a place that will sing and totally embarrass me. That might be fun, too.

Thirty years, huh? That's three decades. Two and a half scores. I had to flip over TWO numbers in writing my age. Last year I had summer musical rehearsal on my birthday so it didn't feel so calm and uneventful. I was singing and dancing and feeling...well, old, actually, since I was the oldest girl in the cast at the tender age of 29--and there were a lot of girls in the cast.

I think this whole 30 thing is going to be a lot of fun, because most people don't think I'm as old as I am. Now, I can watch their faces register a little disbelief for a couple of years until it seems more plausible. As a new parent, I'm sure I'll start looking more my age as the gray hair becomes more prevalent and the worry wrinkles deepen, but I think I have a few more years until that happens. :)

And, in a couple more scores I may jump out of an airplane, like Georgie. (You know, H. W. Bush?)

Thanks to all for the birthday wishes!


Misty said...

It's ok, we had Eric's party, which was more like a free for all get your food while your kids dismantle our blow up pool outside. There were too many people in my too tiny house :) And we get to do it all again next Saturday for Cara's big 3! And now, Eric's at a Beauty and the Beast performance earning a little extra money. I'm sure he feels like he's whooping it up for 30 :). Happy Birthday again!

Kelly said...

Oh...Happy Late Birthday! I turned 30 in september, kinda weird feeling, but well then the next week, back to normal. Also I LOVE the picture of Elsie at the top of your blog! She is so cute!!