Saturday, March 14, 2009

Big belly big belly big belly

So, with my new memory card I was able to have Eli take a belly pic. So, here I am, bad hair and all, at 31.5 weeks (Tuesday will be 32 weeks):

The shirt is one I bought with the gift card my mom gave me (Thanks, Mom!) for Motherhood Maternity, and is coincidentally one of my favorites. First, it makes me look "cute very pregnant" with a basketball-esque belly and not "huge very pregnant" with an unnatural growth inside that tight shirt. It also complements my newly acquired bosom.

Compare this pic to me, 16 weeks ago in November (the only other belly picture I have):

Are we happy now?


Cheryl said...

Dad says "Holy Mackerel" I wish he had said Holy Cow because that would have been spelled right. You are too cute! Hello by baby beaver! I miss you and wish you could be here so I could watch you grow bigger and turn your mommy's belly button inside out. I love you!

Motorcycle grandma said...

yes. we're happy now. Bad hair day and all, you and Baby Beaver are beautiful! Hug her for me, ok?

David in Ohio said...

Very beautiful!!!!

Love and prayers!

Craig-Jen said...

I'm starting to take weekly pictures...I kind of want a montage. We'll see if I can keep it up and I'm already missing this week since I will be out of town when I turn 15 weeks. I started at 12 and I can't see a difference yet. Alas, I know I will want my 14 week belly when I am 31 weeks like you! You are uber cute :-)