Sunday, March 22, 2009

Just the one?

What a good weekend. The weather has been wonderful all week, and we have been getting in our walks pretty much daily, if not every other day. Yesterday we went for a walk to the library, dropping off our movie at the dollar rental machine on the way, spending some time reading library books, and then stopping by Sonic during Happy Hour on the way back to get some Power-Ade. We walked about 2 miles round trip. It was nice. Makes me eager to be able to run again.

Eli has been wonderful. I don't know how else to say it. He's been helping out with more than his share of housework. He is the one who drives when we go anywhere, and he waits for me as it takes extra time for me to get out of the car. He waits for me to come to a stopping point in my book before going to sleep so that I don't have to reach up awkwardly to turn out the bedroom light. He's been making breakfast, lunch, and dinner (even though he makes me eat mustard greens!). And he's just been so forgiving of my lack of energy. He reaches out to help me stand up or sit up and to step off the curb. It's nice to be cared for.

Oh, yeah. We went to East Alabama Medical Center today to tour the Labor and Delivery unit. It was nice. Nothing to complain about. The nurse that showed us around was very helpful.

So, let me share a funny with you before I go pick up my housework slack. We had to run some errands this afternoon and stopped at Subway in the gas station near Eli's work while we were out. We ordered a footlong sandwich to share. The guy at the counter said, "Just the one sandwich?" I teased him, "Why, do you think I look like I need two?" He turned red, and his co-workers started laughing at him. It was funny.


David in Ohio said...

Boy am I glad I wasn't the guy at the sandwich counter!!!!! You hammered him real good!

Deena said...

Mmmmmm....mustard greens!! I like collard greens too! Put some hot sauce on them, and eat a hunk of cornbread!