Saturday, March 14, 2009

Diaper Bonanza!

Okay, okay. I think it's time that somebody reign me in, because I'm about to lose my mind! We've decided to stock up on diapers any time we can find them on super sale while we still have money (haha). So earlier this week or last, my friend Misty, the same one who got me stuck on swagbucks (and has almost earned her 100 swagbucks for referring me!) posted about a deal on Huggies she had seen on one of her favorite money-saving websites. This, of course piqued my interest, so I decided that today was going to be the day that I took advantage of the offer. So, here's what happened:

Walgreens has Huggies on sale for $10 jumbo packs this week (usually $12.49, sale ending today). They also have register rewards if you buy $25 worth of Kimberly-Clark products. And, has a manufacturer $5 off coupon for Huggies this time around, maximum of two per computer, so I printed 2 from my school computer and 2 from home. AND, another website called Caregivers Marketplace gives a $.75 rebate for each package of Huggies you purchsae (minimum of 5 before redemption). So, this is how the chips fell:

At Walgreens, I purchased five packs of Huggies at $10 a pop: $50
Plus, I redeemed my four $5 coupons: $50-$20=$30
Minus the $20 in Walgreens Register Rewards for buying Kimberly-Clark: $30-$20=$10
Minus the Caregivers Marketplace rebates on all 5 packages: $10-$3.75=$6.25
So, that comes out to...

$1.25 per jumbo package of Huggies.

Imagine if I had had one more of those $5 off coupons! I would have gotten the diapers for $.25 a piece! But, I'm happy with the price I got. Very nice.

I was also able to stock up on another Kimberly-Clark product--Kleenex (which, if anyone is going to use Kleenex, it's me)--and buy a new 1 gigabyte memory card for my camera since they were on sale. So expect some pictures coming soon. I promise.

Well, I'm about to get ready to go to a wedding that was supposed to be outside, but since it's rainy and overcast today was moved inside. Maybe tomorrow I'll tell you about the deal I found for diapers on I'm a sale junkie. It's hard being me.

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Misty said...

I'm so happy I helped you out with the diapers!! We don't use them (cloth baby) but I knew so many people could benefit from them!!! I actually didn't make it to walgreens for the sale (because I would have been spending money to save money, on things we don't need!) :) But I'm so happy you stocked up, that's awesome!