Thursday, March 19, 2009

Some good news!

Remember that snow day we had? Because of that snow day, everyone has to go to school one day longer, which means teachers have to come back after the Memorial Day holiday. Prior to this, I was only going to use up 25 days of sick leave for my early maternity leave. As a result of this, I had to file an amended maternity leave request to reflect 26 days instead. No biggie. But, when I asked about when I would receive a copy of the approved request (since another teacher told me that she never received a copy of hers and just left on her requested date--on a wing and a prayer), the HR woman's response was that the board would have to re-approve my request with the new numbers.

Did you catch that?


That means that my initial request had to have been approved in the first place! As far as I'm concerned, this is official notification that I'm good to go on the afternoon of April 10, especially since I'm not modifying the start date of my leave! So now I just have to get my lesson plans together. Whoo-hoo!!!

And that's my good news.

And my "bad" news (haha) is that the Beaver side of the family is now reading my blog. That means I have to watch what I say. :) Okay, so it's my husband's sister-in-law (so, mine too?) who is a Beaver-by-marriage like myself, and we're pretty much both floating in the same boat. That is, we don't konw the inside jokes and silly songs that the whole Beaver clan breaks into when one person is reminded of something from their childhood. And, we don't reminisce about life at ASMS. And we smile and nod (and make commiserating faces at each other when they're not looking) as they go on and on about topics about which they are "expert". I'm mostly referring to the husbands when I say "they". Mostly. Teehee.

Indeed, Steph. It's good to have you in my world.

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