Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Swagbucks, etc.

Okay, I'll start with this: I'm alive. And I'm back to about 75%, but my stomach is no longer made of steel. It's more...pewter? I'm trying to be very careful.

Now, have you heard of Swagbucks? My friend Misty has been amazing lately finding all these deals online, spending time researching ways to save money. She first introduced me to Swagbucks a couple of weeks ago. It's a search engine that uses both Google and Yahoo. And every so often, when you search, you earn a random Swagbuck or three. You can save your Swagbucks up and redeem them for gift cards, etc. Anyway, I downloaded the Swagbucks toolbar onto my school computer, and anytime I need to find something, I just plug it in. You don't win bucks on every search, and as far as I can tell you really only win once per day, but it doesn't take very much to win. Anyway, if this is something that sounds interesting, brainless, and easy...it is. If you want to sign up, use any of my shameless links in the preceding paragraph so that I can get some referral credit. I am now done with this shameless plug. (Thanks, Misty!)

Search & Win

And back to real life...tonight were the last basketball games of the season, and therefore the last cheerleading gig of the season. It is done. Hooray! Now, I probably have to look forward to organizing try-outs for next year, but that will be easy enough.

And Mom--my card came in the mail. And it wasn't addressed to Erin "Mush Brain" Beaver like you said it would be. :) (Thanks!)

Anyway, this is a busy week. I'll write more later and tell you about my new job at Sylvan and everything else that is going on. For now, I must remedy this monster heartburn and get some sleep.



Craig-Jen said...

Drink pickle juice to relieve heart burn. I am not kidding when I say it works. It might not be tasty, but it will cure you. I promise!

Misty said...

I'm glad you like swagbucks, and my amazon.com gift card thanks you :) I love it. Get a few people signed up and you'll be earning them like a champ (PS, you are my highest earner) :)