Friday, January 23, 2009

AWOL no more (for now)

I'm here. I'm here.

Between busy days and bum computers, I haven't been able to post recently. I think three days counts as a dry spell for me, don't you think?

TGIF. I spent the evening hanging out with the Ryans, friends from church. I left early for a Friday night because I'm going to a women's worship service tomorrow with a friend from work. Bad news: I didn't remember until, oh, about 10:30 p.m., that Valley, Alabama, where the service will be, is on Eastern time (don't ask). So that means that in church terms, it was 11:30! And that means I'll get one hour less of sleep than I had hoped because I have to leave extra early to get there on time. I'm silently shaking my fist at Valley, AL, for being so weird. I'm just glad I live and work in one time zone. My friend lives in Eastern time in Valley and works in Central time. I would freak out and be late to work every day...but home early.

Bad news, part II: The girls upstairs are having a party tonight. Seriously, there are 8 occupied units in this complex (six per building, eight buildings--you do the math) and the party girls [undergrads] live upstairs. Sometimes life is not fair. In fact, life is so unfair that there was no parking up close to the apartment because the cars are piled on top of one another in our little parking dead-end, which happens to be outside our bedroom window. I'm in bed now and they're out there revving their engines and squealing tires...oh, and swearing loudly. I did think about calling the police to complain, but what kind of grumpy old lady would I be? Yes, I know. The kind who has to get up an hour earlier on a Saturday morning because her friend lives in Eastern time. Geez.

And can I tell you how weird it was to be in my bathroom and hear someone peeing in the toilet directly above me? Ugh.

Eli's hunting, and I'm about to go to bed.


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Motorcycle grandma said...

I started to post last night but as it turned out to be a whiny Friday night!!! Justice will be served on the noisy neighbors when Baby Beaver arrives! Babies aren't always quiet.