Sunday, January 4, 2009


Tomorrow I go back to work. I'm having mixed feelings about this. I don't want to go, but I'm ready to go. I need a little diversion from the mundane. Also, believe it or not, I do miss my kiddos. For now. We'll see how I'm feeling tomorrow after school.

The next two weeks are chalk full of cheerleading and basketball. And I think I have another doctor's appointment this week, but I'm not sure, so I'm going to have to call and check on that tomorrow.

Not much to report today except that a friend from church told me I should write a book about how this pregnancy is not really affecting me. I laughed. What would I write about? There's nothing to write about, and that's the problem with the pregnancy journal I've started.

The nice little old lady who sat in front of us turned around and said that we needed to sing a duet together in front of the church. Um, no? We've never sung together, just the two of us, and I think they'd be hard-pressed to find a duet that accommodates an alto and a bass. Seems that both our parts are harmonies. Oh, well. :)

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