Thursday, January 29, 2009

Punch Brothers

Another long day. And it was another computer lab day, go figure. These days are supposed to be easy, but getting my students to actually use their brains and think about something is as easy as pulling teeth. When we're in the computer lab, they just want to play games. Um, no. That's not in my curriculum. And I'm sorry that you feel I'm so mean because I actually expect you to work (or, God forbid, use your brain!). Enough of that.

I left right after school to get to Sylvan for my second day on the job. I observed the first hour, and jumped in the second and third hours. It's all coming back to me pretty quickly.

And then, the highlight of the evening, Eli and I went to a bluegrass (?) concert: The Punch Brothers. All young guys, all extremely talented. An updated version of old folks music. It's no coincidence that the Opelika Arts Association, which is endowed by all the gray hairs in Opelika, put this particular act into their subscribers' season. We naturally pigmented folk were outnumbered by the silver foxes by about, oh, 50 to 1. The judge's wife called around to everyone she knows and collected tickets from people who weren't planning to go--and then she gave them out to people who wanted to go but couldn't/wouldn't pay full price. So, we got free tickets. I had looked into this before, but they were too expensive--about $40 a pop--so this was a nice surprise.

And now it's bedtime. I'm very thankful that tomorrow is Friday. Not as thankful that Eli is leaving me to go hunting...again, but thankful that it's the last weekend in hunting season. :)



Cheryl said...

A good evening without free food?

David in Ohio said...

Sounds like my kind of concert, love bluegrass! Would have enjoyed being one of the "silver foxes" in the audience. Luv ya!

SabreKhan said...