Friday, January 9, 2009

Run along, now

Yesterday was a looooong day. We got up late--Eli jumped out of bed, took the quickest shower on record, and sped off to Bible Study, where he was 30 minutes late. I left at the same time to get to school and was there all day, followed by an away game for basketball/cheerleading, followed by the Young Women's Bible Study for church. We were there until almost 9 o'clock just chatting up a storm. And when came home, Eli had our friends over watching the BCS championship game, so it would have been rude to go to bed, so I stayed up and watched the second half of the game and didn't make it to bed until 11. Loooooong day.

I'm excited that tonight we are going to a gymnastics meet. The three years we lived in Tuscaloosa, I somehow never made it to a meet. Bama is one of the top ranked gymnastics programs in the nation. Well, tonight, Bama is competing at Auburn, the Iron Bowl of gymnastics, if you will, and it's the breast cancer awareness night (known as the "Pink Meet") so Eli got us tickets to go see two stellar gymnastics teams--his idea, no kidding. And he's going to wear his pink shirt. :)

Before that happens, though, Eli is going running. Yes, I said running. He HATES running just to run (running for soccer is another story) and I pretty much stopped running when my running partners graduated/moved away and Eli wouldn't run with me. I don't know if I'm miffed about this or not. Part of me is a little ruffled because I can't go run with them in my present condition, not even considering the fact that I'm out of running shape. So, after we have the baby, he probably will be sick of this renewed hobby, and again, won't run with me. Gah.

He's running with his friend Colin, who pretty much ran the Azalea Trail Run 10k with him last March. Colin is training for a half marathon. I'm jealous. Both of his ability to run (and a half marathon at that), but of his ability to get my husband to run with him. Oh, well.

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