Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Crafty Gal

One of my new year's resolutions was to spend some time being crafty. Since then I've had to make a concerted effort, but all's well.

I invited ladies over on Sunday to make cards and stuff, but...no one came. It was okay, though, because then I had a clean house and time to sit down and finish my thank you notes from my school shower. Unfortunately, I had baked 2 dozen chocolate chip cookies to share, but when I had no one with whom to share them, I ate about 16 over the course of the day. 15.75 if you don't count the part that Coco ran away with and scarfed down. I guess I could have shared more with Coco, but I can't help it if I'm stingy with my cookies. He's lucky he got away with the piece he did before I noticed.

Anywho, I had purchased some fabric to make some dresses for baby girl, and had the intent of making them with Ginger last Friday, but I hadn't expected her knowledge of sewing to be absolutely zero, so I had to come up with some other easy project to do--we made a baby blanket that has leg pockets in it...hard to describe, but it will be easy to use. Because of this setback, I decided that yesterday I would make my practice dress.

The front view:

And the back view:

The pattern I used was New Look 6576, but I thought the appliques looked stupid so I left them off. When I was done, there was something missing, so I added the grosgrain ribbon at the empire waist. The original pattern also called for buttons at the shoulders, but I'm going to put velcro there when I get around to it. This was mostly because I do not have a button hole foot, but even more so, I do not have a user's manual for my machine, so I wouldn't know how to do a button hole even if I had the foot. Velcro it is.

I'm still debating about whether or not I want to waste my time and make the headband. I'm also thinking about making a pair of bloomers from a different pattern and maybe a sun hat, but we'll see. This was, after all, just a practice dress, though I'm pleased with how it turned out. And when I say practice dress, I don't mean "poor quality," I just mean that it's how I figured out the ins and outs of the pattern. It's not perfect, but it is pretty good.

The intent for this pattern was to be able to make a sun dress for football season in the famous Alabama football houndstooth pattern, but I couldn't decide what size to make. How big will Baby Beaver be in September? My choices were Newborn (7-13 lbs), Small (13-18 lbs), Medium (18-21 lbs), and Large (21-24 lbs). The dress above is a medium. And I think it will be too big to be worn in September. So, I may give it to my friends who gave me all the baby clothes. I think their little girl will be able to wear it this summer since she's 8 months now.

I went out and bought the pattern again today so that I can make the houndstooth version in size small. While I was there, I picked up some cute green monkey fabric that was on sale for cheap ($1.50), so I may use that as my practice dress for the smaller size.


Stacey L King said...

I don't think you need a special foot to do button holes. All you need is a foot that allows a zig-zag stitch, which is probably the standard foot that's on your machine. There are special ZIPPER feet, but you can do zippers with the standard foot, too.

If you have a machine newer than, say... 1990, it probably has an 'automatic' four-step buttonhole setting. On both of my recent machines (both Singers), it was on the bottom side of the big stitch-length dial on the front. You have to manually turn the dial to do each step, but it determines the zig-zag width and distance, etc.

Stacey L King said...

The dress is super cute, by the way :-)

Colleen said...

That dress IS cute! I learned how to knit, but I've never known how to sew. i'm thinking about taking a sewing class at UT this summer. We'll see...

Craig-Jen said...

I'm impressed! I wish I had a sewing machine. Oh, and that I could sew. I've been toying with the idea of taking classes for fun, but I am pretty busy right now with the move. Technically, I have a sewing machine (Singer) from the 20s and it still works. Not fancy at all, but it looks cool in it's wooden cabinet!

Misty said...

Hey, that is adorable. I've made Cara a dress and some PJs, last spring, when I took a class through Katy ISD's continuing ed. I really want to make something cute for my cousin's wedding for Micah...but haven't really looked, and I need the time to do it...it's 6/6! i love it! The GREAT thing about having girls and DRESSES in general, is if they are a little bit big, it's not that big of a deal...they may be a little long...but who wants to show their girls privates anyways, the longer the better in my book! :)

Mrs. C said...

The dress is adorable! You did a really good job!