Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Catch Up

Let's see. It has been a couple of days, so here's the recap:

Saturday: I went to a class on breastfeeding at the hospital, followed by a wedding shower at church where we got to bring home lots of free food! It was a nice evening in with my husband.

Sunday: Easter service at church and then a lovely Easter lunch with the Walker/Smith T family. Another nice evening which included a nice nap.

Monday: Running errands, investigating return policies at various retailers. I finally got me a Cadbury egg (or six, haha) and a free $25 gift card to CVS for transferring a prescription. That meant that I got free heartburn meds with $15 left over. And I went to my first weekly appointment with the OB, where we talked about the upcoming events. At our Bradley class last night, Eli did great during the labor practice. The girls had to do things "wrong" (hold breath, tense hands, pant, open eyes, etc.) and the boys had to 1) spot what it was, and 2) encourage us to correct it. He got it every time.

Today: Too many sweets. I can't help it. A brownie, several cookies, two of the Cadbury eggs I bought yesterday, a popsicle, some mini Reece's cups (3), sweet tea. But I also had spinach. So that should count for something right?

Also today, the Army released a statement that they won't be notifying their JAG appointees until May 1. Since the notification date is so late, he also has an interview scheduled with the Coast Guard for April 27. We don't know what the timeline will be after that.

I have a list of things to do this week, including duplicate gift returns, etc. Perhaps the first thing on the list is pack our hospital bags. This will perhaps be the most difficult thing for me to do since I always wait to pack for a trip until the night before. But, I know that my life will be that much simpler if I can just get it done.

I'm still waiting for that nesting instinct to kick in. I remember when Stacey's nesting instinct kicked in...with my neice (in the duplex on Shasta)? I was amazed at her industriousness. I want that. Otherwise, I'm just going to sit around and watch TV while I try to get motivated to clean up.


Motorcycle grandma said...

30 years ago(has it really been that long?)we were told to conserve our energy the last few weeks before delivery - we would need every ounce of if for the big event. "they" were right!

doms mom said...

Sorry Mom, I don't agree. The more active I was in those last few weeks, the less I concentrated on how swollen my ankles were. But then again, it was the middle of July...