Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Oops, I did it again...

No, no. This is the first time I've used a Britney song title as my post title. Not that.

I left my headlights on while I was at Sylvan.

And then the car wouldn't start. I tried to jump it off on one of the other teacher's cars, but it still wouldn't start. As a result, I had to do what I wanted to do least--call Eli. I was hoping that I could get it going again and not have to tell him that, yes, I left the lights on, and yes, I know that I shouldn't even turn them on in the daylight, and yes, I shouldn't leave them on if I do turn them on for whatever insane reason I feel I have to. To make matter worse, tonight was the first new episode of NCIS in a long time, and it was already on by the time I called Eli. I was supposed to be home watching it with him, but I instead made him miss half the episode to come rescue me...in the cold. Because it's almost freezing...in April.

The car still wouldn't start, even after Eli used his magic touch. So, it's still up in the Sylvan Learning Center parking lot. I have to bum a ride to school tomorrow. And my baby shower at work is tomorrow, so if Eli can't make it, I have to bum a ride home, too, with gifts in tow.

I feel ridiculous.

And stupid.

The irony of the situation is that one of the dads owns a car detailing business, and they have awesome rates for teachers on Tuesdays. I want to get the Saturn cleaned inside and out before I install a carseat (as this may be the last time that it is clean for a long time), so today, for Teacher's Day, had everything ready for them to come pick up my car from school and clean it and bring it back by the end of the day (they're awesome, right?)...except that their hoses froze last night, so they couldn't wash the cars. They apologetically told me they would honor the price tomorrow.

Except now I won't have my car with me, and this is my last week in LaFayette.

Again, I feel ridiculous.

And stupid.

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