Friday, April 10, 2009

Pink Ladies

I should have known something was going on this morning when the majority of the 8th grade girls were wearing pink. I noticed it right away, but then again, there was another day when they all wore pink for breast cancer awareness and I hadn't been told so that I could participate.

They had a surprise baby shower for me during 5th period today. It was really sweet how much work the girls put into it. We played silly games and ate good food (although I had eaten a huge lunch). And they were so sweet and generous in the gifts that they brought. I cried. I think that embarrassed them a little bit, but I was okay. They had me wear a silly hat, so when I get the pictures, they should be good! Red eyes, puffy face, ridiculous headgear, already non-photogenic woman. :)

Overall, it was a good last day. I only brought home 2 computer paper-sized boxes and 2 totebags. That's it. My last day at TMS had me bringing home over 20 boxes and various other items that wouldn't fit in the boxes. But, I guess I had three years of accumulation there. I have a little lesson planning to do, but overall, I'm done! I have this next week to chill.

And a little update: Mr. B, the varsity girls' basketball coach who happens to teach at my school, came to see me today and wanted to know if I would coach the middle school girls next year if I end up returning. I told him about being fired from cheerleading, and he said he had heard and that he would handle Mrs. High School Principal. He said, she just likes to let people know she's in charge and that he's willing to fight it out with her--he's not afraid. In fact, he said that he could have already gotten into a physical altercation with her in her office had he not had any sense. He just wanted there to be someone who wanted to coach the girls, since this program feeds the high school. I told him that I was very interested, should I return.

Who knows what will happen next year? Eli should be hearing from the Army, any day now. Please continue to pray for our next adventure.

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David in Ohio said...

The prayers are always there....and Happy Easter to the both of you...err, the three of you!