Sunday, May 3, 2009

Weekend Update

Yesterday, after Eli took his defensive driving class, we took a field trip to Columbus, GA, which is 30 minutes away, to use the last of my Motherhood Maternity gift cards to purchase appropriate undergarments for impending use. I must say that that stuff is expensive, and that I probably have never spent that much on undergarments at one time in my entire life. But thanks to my mother and the couple of gift cards I received in the last 8 months, I only spent $7 out of pocket. So, now I just need to wash them and put some in my hospital bag. That's one of the last things to go in.

To reward Eli for his patience in the pregnancy store that has uncomfortable spousal waiting chairs, we went to Steak N Shake and got some cheese fries and milkshakes. It was my first Steak N Shake diner experience. The shakes are actually very good. :)

Today, Eli needed stamps, so he suggested we take a walk to the post office, which turned into an even longer walk when the machines at the post office didn't work. So, we made the "block" and went to Walgreens to buy stamps. Eli apologized for all the walking, but I reminded him that when I go into labor there will be a whole lot of walking going on. Practice is good. Plus, we got to check out the new RedBox machine outside Walgreen's. We had been using the DVDcube machine at Kroger, but they took it out last week. Before that, it was the DVDExpress machine at Bruno's, but then we moved. We're always on the lookout for cheap DVD rentals. And now we're watching Quantum Solace, the latest Bond flick. Very different from what I expected.


Misty said...

So, you know you can get free redbox movies??? This lady puts codes up a lot:

Motorcycle grandma said...

Glad to see you're staying active. Walking keeps those pelvic muscles strong which will be a HUGE benefit in a week or so!