Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Part Human

I woke up this morning feeling halfway human. Elsie slept in three shifts last night. A 3-hour, a 2-hour, and then a 3-hour jaunt through dreamland. Wow. It's amazing how a little more consecutive sleep can change your outlook. I woke up several times within the three hours thinking she would wake up soon, but forced myself to go back to sleep, and I'm glad I did. I swaddled her last night for the first time, really, and I think that was the magic trick. Eli wanted to know how I got her to put her arms down in the swaddle, and I told him I didn't know. I was asleep when I did it. Haha. (She likes to have her arms free and sleep with them above her head, roller coaster "wheeeeee" style.)

The interview/meeting yesterday went well. Basically they told me they wanted to hire me, but that they couldn't do anything formal until they had interviewed other people for the job to make it a legitimate hiring process. They told me they called me first because they wanted me. So, that felt good. This morning, someone called from central office (I didn't know who because Elsie decided it was time to scream at that particular moment) to set up a follow-up interview with the assistant superintendent next week. So, this ball is a-rolling. We'll see where it rolls.

Today is our six-year anniversary. I can't believe it's already been that long! Well, add in the almost three years we dated before we got married, and it's been almost nine years! Unbelievable! Eli got me a strand of pearls. When M & S got married two years ago, she gave pearls as her bridesmaid gifts and I was jealous. Eli remembered that. We actually already went on our anniversary date this past Saturday. Mom watched Elsie while we went to go see the new Star Trek movie. It was awesome! And I didn't get very restless during the movie (okay, maybe during the last 30 minutes). I don't think I could leave Elsie in better hands than my mom's. Thanks, Mom!

I'm going to take it easy today, figure out how to use my Moby wrap, do some laundry, take a few naps. I never thought I would like Tuesdays this much.

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