Friday, May 15, 2009

Pictures, finally!

Elsie Jane being retrieved.

My cheesy baby.

Proud dad looks on as the nurses do their thing.
Eli shows me the baby for the first time.
Later, I get to hold Elsie for the first time.
Elsie and Dr. Litsey.


Mrs. C said...

Great pictures! She's sooo pretty!

Motorcycle grandma said...

It absolutely, positively takes my breath away just looking at these pictures. My favorite is the cheesy baby - I think a baby's tiny feet and toes are so amazing. In this picture Elsie's little toes are curled under! I love it!!!

Relax and trust your insticts. You and Eli will figure it all out - I say this because in the last 10 months I've watched Pam become one of the most terrific Moms I know. You will too!!!