Wednesday, September 1, 2010

First Word, Etc..

We have a word, people! For the longest time, Elsie has been able to say "hi" and "uh-oh". She also barks like a dog and meows like a cat (in fact, she meows at Oscar and wants to pet him...hmmm...). But we decided that onomatopoeic words don't really count as true words. I thought she might be saying "hot" and "cold", but Eli didn't agree, since she wasn't consistent with their uses.

But we do agree that we have a first word: CHEESE!

The other night I got into the refrigerator to get a slice of cheese to nibble on (for Elsie and me) and from across the room, in the living room where Elsie is playing, she starts talking. It took me a minute to realize that she was saying "cheese", so I stopped, a little surprised and asked her, "What did you say?" And, of course, she wouldn't say it again. But last night Eli gave her some cheese also, and she said it, without prompting. She recognized it in his hand as he got it out of the fridge. So, yes. Cheese. I'm so proud.

Last night, I tried to get her to say "please", and told her that it rhymed with "cheese", so it shouldn't be too difficult, but she didn't agree. She just wanted to grunt and point. C'est la vie.

In other tidbit news, Oscar falls asleep to the sound of the bathroom fan--and there are four of them in our house (woohoo!) so right now he's in the bouncy seat in the downstairs bathroom doorway, which was handy while I was putting groceries away. Yesterday he took his nap in his bassinet which I just pulled into the master bath--where there are two fans! And there's one in Elsie's bathroom which I used while I gave her a bath the other night. Oscar sat propped up in the Boppy pillow, chillin' like a villain while the Hurricane got clean. (She had had lasagna for dinner, and got lots of it up her nose--that must be what she's been digging around for--leftovers!)

And this has been a three-day week so far (it's Wednesday, see?). Elsie spent Monday morning with J, at J's request. O and I were able to run some errands, and after I picked Elsie up we went to Sylvan to show off the baby. First outing with both kids by myself. Yesterday we stayed in all day, but when Eli got home, we went to Hickory Dickory Park in Auburn and Elsie burned off her energy while I met another mom there--we're meeting up on Thursday at the breastfeeding support group, and I'm excited. She said she'd help with Elsie around the little babies. And then today, I took both kids and we went to Kroger. Elsie rode in the car part of the cart, while Oscar rode up top. All went well until we got to the checkout when O started wailing and Elsie just wanted the car to GO! But we survived, we're home, and both kiddos are napping. I need a nap, too, but I had to put groceries away. So, I think I'm heading that way now.


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Craig-Jen said...

I totally count Madeline saying cat as her first word that I knew she recognized. The girl still says it all the time.

But I totally realize I need to talk to her more. Being home alone with a baby doesn't make for great conversation...I predict Elsie will pour words out of her mouth now.