Tuesday, September 7, 2010

16 Months

Elsie is 16 months today. She said cookie, I think. She's climbing on everything. I turned my back on her yesterday, and when I turned around again, she was dancing ON TOP of the coffee table. So, yeah. Soon enough she is going to break out of the crib. We have to make a decision about what to do next as far as sleeping arrangements go. Anyone have any suggestions/anecdotal tales of caution?

Do you have experience with:
1. Crib tents?
2. Toddler mattress on the ground?
3. Toddler mattress in toddler frame?
4. Twin mattress on the ground?
5. Twin mattress in the frame?

We're concerned with putting her in a room with a baby gate in the doorway because she'll climb right over it eventually (or knock it down with brute force) and I don't want to close her in the bedroom lest she fall asleep behind the door. Short of sawing the door in half to make a Dutch door, what can we do?

Also, we're treading dangerously close to the throwing food stage. I need to find a tutorial for a splat mat to go under her high chair because that is just messy. :)

And here's the last redundant question:
Blueberries are good for you (anti-oxidants, and whatnot), so do you know what happens when you eat a lot of them?



stephanie said...

obviously, you turn blue.
(and digest other things like a pro)

Kerry Duty said...

i can tell you how i found out madison had had a lot of them...but i'm sure you can guess :) whoa! is all i can say

we kept joshua in his crib until he was 2.5 and then went straight into a twin with a bed rail, which went almost the length of the bed. but, he was never a climber. he also never got out of bed without us going to get him so maybe you'll be lucky :) madison, on the other hand, is already a monkey so i'm pretty sure she'll break out of her crib soon. good luck!

Cheryl said...

I learned stuff from the Nanny show about this. Maybe a twin fram with an inner spring mattress on a slat so it is low to the ground and then bed rails. That is not what I learned, though. I learned that she will try to get out of bed and it takes persistance on your part to quietly and purposely put her back into her bed - even if it takes all night and many jangled nerves. (with the door open too) It may be a battle of wills but hopefully, yours will win out. I never had to try it - but that is what Nanny would do I think. I love you and wish you well!!

Craig-Jen said...

Splat mats...I bought two (and can't find one...hmmmm). Seriously, save yourself a ton of money and just go buy a tablecloth. It'll be big enough to go under the high chair and have the same functionality. The splat mats have that pul backing to repel water (I assume to catch watery spills) but I don't even think you need that unless you plan on using it on wet grass to sit on. A tablecloth will do the exact same thing :-)

Daddio said...

upside down playpen, like on that episode of the Cosby show

Misty said...

yeah, Cara was 2 when we moved her straight to a very low twin bed with a gate. She also stayed in her bed each morning (with the door shut and a child lock on the inside so she couldn't get out--she couldn't do doorknobs anyways at that point) until we went and got her. Micah got out of bed constantly, then did good for awhile, then got out again, and well, look at my facebook pic from tonight about what we had to do to keep him in.... :)