Friday, September 10, 2010

Jobs and Sanity

Aside from babies, there have been other big developments in our lives. I know this is so after-the-fact, but I want to blog it for prosperity's sake.

Eli got a job! Two jobs, actually. On the same day.

The day that Oscar turned one week old, Eli traveled to Montgomery to be sworn in as a first lieutenant in the Alabama National Guard. He was hired on as a JAG to do the "weekend warrior" thing--you know, one weekend a month, two weeks a year. His weekend drill starts next weekend (not the one coming up, but the one after) in a town two hours north of here. This also comes with some time away to do full training in JAG school and officer basic. Those will be early next year and will require his absence for about 16 weeks (or more? I think I'm in denial...). I'm sure by then we'll be in a great routine, only to have to reinvent the wheel. By then I think it will be easier. Perhaps Elsie will be able to reason a little better, and talk, and Oscar will be in his not-as-much-of-a-lump stage. We'll come up with some other schedule (and child-feeding menu). I'm already thinking about how we can save some money and put it to use in paying off debt while there's only one big person eating, using the electricity/water, etc. (And BTW, that makes me an Army Wife, right? Haha.)

That SAME day, Eli had an interview with the law firm that he has wanted to work with (first choice). He had interviewed with them shortly after our first year here, when we thought he might be vacating his clerkship upon the completion of his contract, but they weren't hiring at the time. They called him out of the blue that second or third week in August and asked him to come in and interview again. He walked out with a job, starting in October. He was so excited!

We are so blessed. :)


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