Monday, September 13, 2010

1 month of O (yesterday) with doctor stats

Yesterday was one month of Oscar. I decided to wait to post until today because today was the big day: duo doctor visits for the kids.

Let's just say that taking two children to the doctor at once is not for the faint of heart. That's why I took Eli with me (and had he been busy, I would have recruited someone else), because I knew both children would get shots, and I remember what it was like with just Elsie getting shots.

We were the first appointment of the day, and it still took 1.5 hours. Yeesh. This was Elsie's 15-month appointment, even though she's 16 months, because, obviously, we were awaiting the arrival of Oscar when we turned 15 months and didn't want to tempt fate by scheduling an appointment we might not be able to keep.

Elsie did such a great job--running around the waiting room with daddy chasing after, dancing on the exam table in only her diaper, somehow getting the nurses (not our nurse) to give her a sticker after her shots. And very little fussing. Though she did hold her breath until her face turned blue after the first shot, but that is more and more commonplace these days when she doesn't get her way or is just extremely mad about something (like going to bed, for example). And of course, Oscar did great. Minimal crying for his shot, but the aftermath of the heel stick was what really riled him up. And then I was home today with two fussy children. Yay.

Anyway, here are their stats:
Elsie -- 16 months -- 31.5 inches tall, 22 lbs 9 oz., 19.75-inch head
Oscar -- 1 month -- 22.25 inches long, 11 lbs even, 15.375-inch head

The scales are digital at the hospital and analog at the pediatrician, which is what I think account for the weight difference from this past week's breastfeeding group. But I'm just amazed at how HUGE Oscar's head is after only one month. He was born with a 14.25-inch head. Elsie only gained 3/4 of an inch in six weeks. This boy put on 1 and 1/8 inch in four??? Is that really right? I may have to whip out the measuring tape, now that I'm thinking about it...

On a final note, I just want to thank everyone who kept their eyes on Elsie yesterday at the church picnic while I was inside having a breakdown. I only *look* like I've got it together. Well, that is until I look like I've lost it, which I evidently did yesterday. It was a long day, and coming outside with two kids, no free hands, no booster seat, and no seats period was a little overwhelming. I kept trying to keep Elsie out of the cooler of ice, and then I relied on a stranger to carry her to a newly materialized empty chair after I fixed Elsie a plate, but I couldn't get to Elsie to cut everything up and she kept shoving huge chunks of food in her mouth, and Oscar woke up and was screaming and hungry, and Eli was still inside counting the offering, and the food was becoming scarce but I didn't have the ability to fix a plate for me and I was really hungry because I didn't eat breakfast (and did I mention that I got bit by an ant in MY OWN BED that morning? and had a screaming baby from four to six a.m.), and on and on and on and...then, tears. Finally, escape to the nursery. And then home for a nap. A much needed, much deserved NAP. So..where was I? Oh, yes. Thank you, friends, for your assistance in keeping Elsie out of the parking lot. Love you!



Kelly said...

Ohhh...I love your posts. So real! Yay for healthy growing babies...and it will get better!!!! Praying for you and for God to give you exactly what you need to enjoy this stage of life. You can do this! Some days are just really really hard...hang in there.

Jeni said...

laughed at your paragraph about the picnic only because i'm RIGHT there with you! hang in there...they keep telling me it will get easier.